My fitness challange, intense is the way to go!

April, I decided to take the plunge. I saw it, bought it and followed it till the end. Not once did I regret my choice of buying that fitness program. Okay so maybe when I was doing the regime did I more than once think 'I'm going to die' but it never came to that in the end. Doubts did float through my mind on more than one occasion. This was probably going to be something that I wasted money on. Halfway through I'll lose interest.

Motivation was what pushed me to buy PIIT 28. While on holiday, all I do is sit. I don't move just sit in front of the TV. Or keep myself glued to the laptop screen. Instead of that and while I had all the space around I thought to go ahead and purchase this talked about program.

I took my measurements, took my before photos and then for the next 28 days I pushed myself to complete every day, every routine to the best of my ability.

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Yeah...that's all real, no Photoshop used.  All of that was done by pushing myself each day to get my workout in. I didn't eat very healthy thought I tried to make the best choices (I mean, I was on holiday...) Still with all of that put aside, I got results that make me look back and think 'I did it!' Inches were lost and I was feeling so much better than I ever had.

College got in the way. Stress got in the way. Motivation...became depleted. Now looking back at the photo, I feel annoyed and sad. I can't believe all that work went to waste. I pushed myself harder than I usually do, I achieved something that I thought was impossible. At that point of time, I felt better about being in my own skin. I was energised, rearing to go and take on the day. Now it's like 'pfft, lets go eat that box of chocolates that's in the fridge and sit on our bum all day'. NO!!! Do you hear me brain and body?! NO MORE!!!

Starting on Monday, for the next 28 days I'm committing myself to doing PIIT 28 1.0 round 2 and the Tone It UP Fit, Fierce, Fabulous challenge! I'm committing myself to making better food choices and looking after my body from within.

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So get ready body, cause your in for a serious sweat session!!!

If you fancy giving PIIT28 a try or finding out what it's all about then head on over:

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