There's a world to discover!

I like to think that travelling is in my blood. With family spread out in various cities and countries, travelling is inevitable. Quite frankly, I would love to do more travelling before I decide it's time to settle down a bit.

A reunion with a friend that I hadn't seen in years brought about thoughts and yearning to go and see what's out there. She was able to go to Amsterdam and her stories left me dreaming over adventures in new countries. That's when she said we should go someplace together.

She knows how much I love an adventure and how much I love to travel. It makes me an ideal travel buddy, she stated. So with a nod of approval, I left it down to her to choose where we should go. So where am I off to this time....


Two countries that I've never been to or thought that I would get the chance to visit. What will I see? What will I experience? The sounds, tastes, views...just the thought of how close I am to travelling sets my heart aflutter. 

My mind is filled with ideas of what to pack, on the amazing photos I'll be able to take and the new memories I'll be able to create. One week of holidays and one week of beauty.

Have you even been to these countries? What would you recommend doing?