Sorry dear Bambi, a stray dog story

A look into their eyes, a spark of connection and then your heart melts. It's impossible to control the thoughts and emotions that are clogging your mind and judgement as the two of you gaze at each other. Before you know it, your decision has been made. Now you have a new pet that has settled into your home. At hope they have settled.

It's difficult to say no to a yearning need. To have this new furry friend in your life means the world to you as it probably does to them. Having no idea of their history makes things a bit more of a challenge but it's one that you're willing to try!

That's what I thought when I came across a stray Lurcher (the nurses have affectionately named her Bambi) at the vets. She had been brought in terrible condition and my hearth sank before taking a leap into the pond of love. The way that she looked at me with such sorrow and fear made me want to be the one person that she could trust. I wanted to become her new friend. To be able to protect her from the nastiness of the world and shower her in as much love as possible.

I got all excited as I pushed away my reasonable thoughts and told everyone that once she made it, she would have a nice safe and loving home with me. Oh but as I live with Matt and his family and they have a dog (a doberman by the name of Millie)...probably best that they have a meet and greet first.

The day that she was given the all clear I arranged for her to meet Millie. Maybe it was the environment (they were meeting at the vets) that caused the family dog to act a bit unusual. I shrugged it off and went with the idea a trail day. They'll both be in a house, away from strange people and noises. An ideal place to meet.

End of the day she came home with me. Nervousness and excitement coursed through my veins. This was it! No turning back tonight. Thought it was best to take them both out for a short walk to get used to each other before unleashing them in the house. Millie wasn't having it. Another dog suddenly in her house, all she could do was bark at poor Bambi. It was all Bambi could take before she had enough and snarled at Millie.

Disappointment. Her I was greatly hoping that the two of them would get along so well. In the end, Bambi was brought to boyfriends room where she spent the night with us. Content with that though. She made herself comfortable in the room and on the bed, curling up with us at night.

Morning came. My thoughts had finally settled and the animal student within me spoke out. I can't keep Bambi confined within one room forever. All of this was causing unnecessary stress on Millie and that in turn affects Bambi. With all she had already gone through, keeping her was going to do more harm than good however sincere my intentions were.

With a heavy heart I collect her things and headed back to the vets. Whilst thoughts of what the nurses were going to assume about the girl who was so intent that Bambi would have a happy home with me the hardest thing I had to do was put her back in her kennel and walk away.

Had circumstances been different, she would have returned to London with me. New rules state no pets are allowed in our apartments. Now I'm left with a worry that she'll think ill of me and won't ever find a place to call home.

Moral of the story...having the best intentions might be the way to go but consideration of others welfare (animals and people) should be put first. I'll have my day of being able to rescue another animal in need. A chance to give them the life they deserve but until then, I'm left waiting and dreaming. Have you ever been in a similar circumstance?


  1. I really would love a dog as a pet but I live in rented accommodation and it's not allowed :( it's so cute that the vets chose Bambi for the name!

  2. This is so selfless and shows the humans in us :) xx

  3. Great post. Don't have a pet yet but my kids love dogs.

  4. Aww this is such a lovely story, bless him! I know what you mean when you see dogs that need your love, I saw it in the same eyes of my dog though he was just a puppy but he was coming from a home where they didn't breed him properly. Unfortunately he had all sorts of sickness and we had to give him tape worm treatments and clean him for fleas. It was a horrible experience but he is a new dog today and grown up to be a happy and confident dog. Wish you all good luck with your new bestfriend xx


  5. It's tricky bringing a new member into the pack isn't it. I've got 3 dogs and one of them is a rescue. He didn't even know how to play when we got him (at the age of 2). So sad.