What will I be accomplishing this month...

The start of 2016 saw my placing monthly goals. Whilst some of them were accomplished and other's not, I don't see that as a means to not start all over and create some new ones.

Get a blog post up 3 days in the week. College runs my life and then there are the little bits inbetween that also get in the way of plans. I was at one point able to get a blog up everyday but now it's a bit more of a challenge. February I would like to have a blog post up 3 days in the week. That means taking the time to plan, get photos and sitting down to write up a good quality post.

Cut down on food expenses. I always choose the easy way out. Stopping in Sainsbury's to get a ready cooked meal for lunch and then later on the week I'm there again picking something else up. My fridge is small which means that it can't hold a lot. That's no excuse for me going straight to the chip shop or buying a ready made sandwich. This month I won't go and buy unnecessary food. I'll be sure to have only the essentials and my food shop will be cut down to once every other week.

Drink more water. There's no point in being fit and not replenishing my lost fluids. To fix this dilemma I'll be carrying a bottle of water everywhere I go while resisting to drown myself in cups of tea.

Complete the 30 day workout challenge. This is a challenge that I've taking up countless times and failed countless times. To this day I haven't completed it but that's to change this month! I'm already at day 8 and by the end of this week will have completed day 10. Close to the end of the month I will have finished my 30 days and I will be sure to reach it. The biggest challenge that I face is joining work experience with the workouts.

Enjoy being me. I've never really allowed myself to enjoy being who I am. To be proud of the fact that I love what I love and that there's no shame in that. I love being tucked in bed with a good book, watching fantasy movies and living in my own little world from time to time. I want to be in agreement with myself that I don't have to be my boisterous self every day of every waking hour because being my alternative side is just as amazing.

So that's me all set up and ready to go. What have you got planned for this month?

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  1. You have picked some awesome goals for February!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com