How was your February?

What I wanted to complete February 2016

  • Get a blog post up 3 days in the week. IN PROGRESS. It's been a slow month along with a busy month, along with an unmotivated month. My blogging inspiration has flown out the window and reining it back it has been slow work. Only now have I started to get my blogs written and ready to post for the three days within the week. I guess I just have to find my rhythm before getting into the swing of things. 
  • Cut down on food expenses. IN PROGRESS. Lucky for me, I spent 4 weeks out of London and in Essex. Usually that would mean expenses galore but I've managed to not go overboard. Work experience meant that I can't go crazy and when I did have to go out and buy what I needed it was the essentials (milk, butter, veg, etc.). 
  • Drink more water. INCOMPLETE. I've got loads of water bottles hanging around the house! I've been filling them up and sipping it here and there. It's not led me to continuously drink though. 
  • Complete the 30 day workout challenge. INCOMPLETE. I was about three weeks in and then work experience took over. My time was spent and by the end of the day I'm shattered, can't be asked to do anything but just lay down. Once work experience stops I'm wanting to get back into the swing of things. 
  • Enjoy being me. IN PROGRESS. There have been nights were I can just curl up in bed and enjoy watching anime or reading. I've reverted to reading fanfiction, listening to disney music, watching cartoons and it's not a bad thing. That's the person that I've always been. Each day I'm letting myself be me. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. 
I don't think that February hasn't been my best month as there was a lot happening with college. With the months getting closer to finishing my first year I'm starting to think that my goals should be limited and focus more on college. Was your February eventful? 

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