January Goals Summary

What I wanted to accomplish in January 2016.
  • Complete the first month of Project 365. INCOMPLETE. At the start of the month this was going well. Then college got in the way and I lost the ambition to keep at it. I wasn't going out and was coming up with every excuse in the book for not having a new photo.  
  • Get back on track with healthy eating and regular exercise. COMPLETE.  I've re-joined Lucy Locket Loves Fitness, gone out and bought myself a fitbit and got my 30 day shred challenge going. On top of that, I've also gotten rid of all temptations in my house and gone to making my own lunch to take to college while being sure that my meals at home are as clean as possible.
  • Become more organised with blog scheduling.COMPLETE. At the start of the year I bought myself a small organiser. While I thought to print off and laminate some of the blog schedules the planner has been the best investment. I'm able to take it wherever I go so when a post idea pops into my mind I'm able to jot it down.
  • Be more active on all my social accounts. IN PROGRESS. This is a continuous struggle but the through January the one social media account that I have been logging into the most has been Twitter. While some of my posts are more personal that blog related I still consider it to be an achievement of sorts. 
  • Complete at least two novels. IN PROGRESS. Sadly this one didn't get completed. I've forgotten how slow of a reader I am and how it takes me longer than others to complete one book. However I have succeed in getting back to reading. I take my book with me to college to read on the journey and during break making realise how much I enjoy it. 
  • Keep track of what I buy. IN PROGRESS. I've been sure to keep all my receipts and update my expense forms. At the end of the month I plan to analyze and see what I can cut down on for the following month. 
While a lot my goals are in progress I've considered myself to still have made successful. I don't doubt that some of this I will be wanting to carry further on to next month. Did you create any January goals?

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  1. I think having monthly goals is an amazing idea as then we can keep focused and adjust the following month