January Goals Summary

What I wanted to accomplish in January 2016.
  • Complete the first month of Project 365. INCOMPLETE. At the start of the month this was going well. Then college got in the way and I lost the ambition to keep at it. I wasn't going out and was coming up with every excuse in the book for not having a new photo.  
  • Get back on track with healthy eating and regular exercise. COMPLETE.  I've re-joined Lucy Locket Loves Fitness, gone out and bought myself a fitbit and got my 30 day shred challenge going. On top of that, I've also gotten rid of all temptations in my house and gone to making my own lunch to take to college while being sure that my meals at home are as clean as possible.
  • Become more organised with blog scheduling.COMPLETE. At the start of the year I bought myself a small organiser. While I thought to print off and laminate some of the blog schedules the planner has been the best investment. I'm able to take it wherever I go so when a post idea pops into my mind I'm able to jot it down.
  • Be more active on all my social accounts. IN PROGRESS. This is a continuous struggle but the through January the one social media account that I have been logging into the most has been Twitter. While some of my posts are more personal that blog related I still consider it to be an achievement of sorts. 
  • Complete at least two novels. IN PROGRESS. Sadly this one didn't get completed. I've forgotten how slow of a reader I am and how it takes me longer than others to complete one book. However I have succeed in getting back to reading. I take my book with me to college to read on the journey and during break making realise how much I enjoy it. 
  • Keep track of what I buy. IN PROGRESS. I've been sure to keep all my receipts and update my expense forms. At the end of the month I plan to analyze and see what I can cut down on for the following month. 
While a lot my goals are in progress I've considered myself to still have made successful. I don't doubt that some of this I will be wanting to carry further on to next month. Did you create any January goals?

Jaunary's Blog of the Month

100 Things I love is written by Joana. A young lady whose blog features fashion, lifestyle and beauty with a writing style that is inviting. With good detail in each written text, reading a pleasure. She was nice enough to answer some questions to get a better insight to the reader behind this wonderful blog.

What is it about blogging that you enjoy?
Being generally non-creative, for a very long time I've struggled to find a fitting creative outlet - I'm happy that I found that in blogging. Other than that, I am fascinated by the number of incredible opportunities blogging has brought about, and I love how supportive the blogging community is as a whole.

Can you name one post that you enjoyed writing about? 
It's difficult to name only one, but the 8 Photos of Happiness post is definitely among my top favorites. I feel like it's a pretty good round-up of my major accomplishments so far and all the things I cherish. http://www.100thingsilove.com/2015/06/8-photos-of-happiness-tag.html

Apart from blogging what are some of your hobbies/interests? 
When I'm not blogging, I love being active - I go to the gym and I play volleyball, just to name a few activities. I am known for joining random sports when I need to break out of my routine, including kickboxing and pole fitness.

If you had to describe your blog with one word, what would it be and why?
I would describe it as: personal. When I started my blog, I did it for me; and today, I still write mainly for myself.

Go ahead and check her out on her social networks!

Learning to love myself and a surprise

2016 meant new year resolutions and getting back into the swing of things. It meant that the most common resolution 'to lose weight' has arrived once again. A fresh start, a second (hundredth) chance to get more comfortable in my skin.

While exercise is something I've yet to love I do love learning about what I can do to make myself love my body more. I enjoy finding new recipes that make me feel full, information about exercise techniques and the do's and don'ts of being a better you.

I've jumped from diet fad to diet fad. Tried every pill under the sun. Joined Weight Watchers, Slimming World and bought tons of exercise DVDs. The one thing that has never failed to help me when it comes to journeying towards becoming more body confident along with my attempted goals are books.

Books are powerful! They provide you with so much information and each time you read you understand just that little bit more. You get so many 'oh' and 'that's cool' moments when you flip through page after page. I know a lot of women and men suffer with body confidence, and I think one of the keys to getting to be more confident it learning about your body. So on that note, I want to offer a copy of The Body Book by Cameron Diaz.

What's the prize?

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

This book is a great insight what you want from your body and how to achieve it. It's divided into three sections; nutrition, fitness and mind. Three subjects that go hand in hand, that most people diving into the world of fitness don't have a good understanding off. Cameron Diaz explains the breakdown of meals right to the core and how your thoughts play as big of a role as you working your butt of in the gym.

How to enter. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Project 365

I've taken a big leap and have decided to take part in Project 365. I stumbled upon this on The Purple Pumpkin Blog and it really caught my attention. My photography skills have always been on a beginner level so I've been itching to improve. What better way to do so than by taking part in this! My Wordpress blog has been lacking and so with the new year I want to start posting on their once again. So from hence forth, Project 365 will be shared their. Don't forget to stop by it to see what shoots I've taken each day.

The first day of the new year was spent at Epping Forest. Whilst it might have been spent frolicking through muddy fields I enjoyed breathing in the New Year air and starting the year out in nature. Epping Forest is a usual place for us as it's where all the bikers meet during the summer time for banter, bacon roll and a coffee. A great start to 2016.

2016! What will this year bring?!

Hello 2016! Are you guys looking forward to the new year? I'm pretty interested to know what it will bring to me. In both my own life and in blog progression. I've gone ahead and revamped my blog to show off the type of person that I am.

What I want to accomplish in January 2016.
  • Complete the first month of Project 365
  • Get back on track with healthy eating and regular exercise.
  • Become more organised with blog scheduling.
  • Be more active on all my social accounts.
  • Complete at least two novels. 
  • Keep track of what I buy.
How am I going to achieve these goals?

For those who don't know what Project 365 is, I have to take a picture a day for the whole year. While I would love to use my DSLR and using both the standard lens and my new lens I will also be using my Ipod touch. Viewing the world through different lenses while learning different techniques. My camera will be coming with me wherever I go and I will be setting up reminders throughout the day.  

Health and I have had a continuos on and off relationship. Never in my life have I stuck to a program long enough to notice results. This year I want to start loving my body both mentally and physically. I've joined the Lucy Locket Loves Fitness group and will be incorporating runs and various workout Youtube videos 6 out 7 days in the week. Along with this I want to keep track of my food intake by returning to Slimming World food routine.  

Every blogger should be organised and I'm one that desperately needs to. With college, work and blog writing, planning is a must. Whilst out shopping I went and bout myself a simple and non expensive planner and along with that I have printed various blog planning sheets that I want to laminate so that I can use them over and over. 

There's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. So many different social networks out there and so hard to keep in track with it all. Through this month I've gotten organised by joining sites to help with scheduling posts. Keeping active on these sights has always been a challenge but this month I plan to change that to the best of my ability. 

I'm terribly when it comes to shopping. See something nice then automatically think 'I'll have that' or 'don't need it but I'll buy it anyways'. I don't keep track and I never really think that I'm spending that much. Then the end of the month the bill comes in and I get the biggest shock of my life! Now I plan to keep all my receipts and record everything on an expense form that I created on excel.

Technology is all around us and it's impossible to avoid! When I was in High School all I ever did was just sit and read. That's something that I greatly miss. Being able to shut myself from the world and enjoy the words written on the page. My eyes are constantly glued to a screen but for January I want to start remembering how nice it felt to just relax with a good book. I've rejoined Goodreads and even set a book goal for 2016.

So then January, I'm all set and ready for you!!! Have you got any January goals?