Wonder Woman Art of War DC Collectible Review

There are two things that I obsess over, one being penguins and the other being Wonder Woman! She's my heroine. The woman that I look towards when I need inspiration or motivation. For years I've been wanting to own a Wonder Woman figure. This Christmas I was surprised by boyfriend who bought me this DC Collectible Wonder Woman Art of War figure.

Created by Adam Hughes this beautiful sculpture measures at 7.25" tall and comes in a beautiful box. She's a limited edition out of 5,200 and was sculpted by Tim Miller. Beautifully painted, she stands proudly on her platform while gazing out into the distance. 

What I truly love about her is the fact that she hasn't got her cape. The outfit she wears is from her appearance in the 80s. Unlike many other female figures out there the creators have been sure to keep to the way she is and not over sexualised her appearance. A single downfall to her is that she missing her golden lasso, a Wonder Woman essential as she's usually hardly every seen without it. 

Breath taking from the front as from the back. She is a perfectly scaled replica of the Amazon Princess and I'm proud to be the owner of this DC Collectible.


  1. She is gorgeous! Wonder woman is also my favorite heroine. I actually think she's one of the more sexy heroines out there, but it doesn't take away from the fact that she's a total bad a*s!

  2. So awesome- I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to be into super heroes!