Goodbye December, thanks for the memories

It's that time again where another month moves on in the blink of an eye and we're left wondering why do they go by so fast? 

Christmas in Spain
This was the first Christmas that I spent with my whole family (well excluding one of my cousins and his family plus my aunt and her husband). I was a bit disappointed at first, as my mum wasn’t going to be there. Or so I thought! On the 24th I opened the door to see my mum and it was a moment filled with tears on my part and laughter on hers. The whole family had kept it a secret from me. Over three years I hadn’t been able to see my mum and that day was what made Christmas extra special for me.

Special gift
Each year, months before Christmas the boyfriend and I exchange lists. Neither of us ever really follows the list, which makes it even more fun on Christmas day. This year I had it planned to make him a scrapbook. I filled it with all the letters that we exchanged, cards that we gave each other and memorable photos. While I didn’t give it to him on Christmas day, I gave it to him before I left to spend Christmas in Spain. I enjoyed watching him with apprehensive eyes on my part. His eyes watered when he read the special letter pasted on the very first page and each turn of a new page made him cry a little more. Needless to say, this gift was well thought off and one of his favourites.

Best Friend Reunion

It might have been a short week but it was memorable. We met in middle school when I was living in America and from that moment we were inseparable.  After graduation we went our separate ways, which left us with very few moments spent together. December was made extra special because she was planning a trip to Croatia and on her way she was going to stop in London to spend a few days to catch up and see what London had to offer. Each day together was left with immense laughter and a lot of catching up plus selfie mania. I cannot wait for the next time we get to see each other.

Christmas has gone and past, with that it'll soon be time to say goodbye to 2015. So how every your year went I hope you were able to fill it with lots of memories and that you 2016 will be just as memorable.

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  1. Ahhh I love Christmas and the idea of making a scrapbook for a loved one! H x