Best Friends Reunited Part Two

Day two was pretty chilled. Flying 40 hours left her drained and change of time zones didn't help either. I've been there myself so I thought maybe we should take it easy today.

Our wonder around London led us to the Natural History Museum. Anyone who truly knows me can understand why after visiting the place a million times, I haven't gotten tired of it to this day! Glad that we did visit as they have started on renovations and a stop in the mammal department showed us that they were truly going to get rid of Dippy. It astounded her that the museum was free! Our chatter brought about memories of visiting museums as kids in Detroit, Michigan and how horrible they were in comparison to what London had to offer. 

It wasn't long till the jet lag settled in once again and we were headed back to Central to grab something to eat. Since before she arrived in London she had been going on and on about fish and chips. That took us Leicester Square. We found a good looking place and lucky for us (though I didn't like the situation) we were also faced off with a large crowd of people as they were hosting the Star Wars premier. We got out of their before it hit off and had enough time to enjoy the lights once more before heading home.


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I love London x

  2. The natural history museum is my favourite in London and like you I could visit it over and over again without any sign of boredom! Sounds like you had a lovely time!