Goodbye December, thanks for the memories

It's that time again where another month moves on in the blink of an eye and we're left wondering why do they go by so fast? 

Christmas in Spain
This was the first Christmas that I spent with my whole family (well excluding one of my cousins and his family plus my aunt and her husband). I was a bit disappointed at first, as my mum wasn’t going to be there. Or so I thought! On the 24th I opened the door to see my mum and it was a moment filled with tears on my part and laughter on hers. The whole family had kept it a secret from me. Over three years I hadn’t been able to see my mum and that day was what made Christmas extra special for me.

Special gift
Each year, months before Christmas the boyfriend and I exchange lists. Neither of us ever really follows the list, which makes it even more fun on Christmas day. This year I had it planned to make him a scrapbook. I filled it with all the letters that we exchanged, cards that we gave each other and memorable photos. While I didn’t give it to him on Christmas day, I gave it to him before I left to spend Christmas in Spain. I enjoyed watching him with apprehensive eyes on my part. His eyes watered when he read the special letter pasted on the very first page and each turn of a new page made him cry a little more. Needless to say, this gift was well thought off and one of his favourites.

Best Friend Reunion

It might have been a short week but it was memorable. We met in middle school when I was living in America and from that moment we were inseparable.  After graduation we went our separate ways, which left us with very few moments spent together. December was made extra special because she was planning a trip to Croatia and on her way she was going to stop in London to spend a few days to catch up and see what London had to offer. Each day together was left with immense laughter and a lot of catching up plus selfie mania. I cannot wait for the next time we get to see each other.

Christmas has gone and past, with that it'll soon be time to say goodbye to 2015. So how every your year went I hope you were able to fill it with lots of memories and that you 2016 will be just as memorable.

Wonder Woman Art of War DC Collectible Review

There are two things that I obsess over, one being penguins and the other being Wonder Woman! She's my heroine. The woman that I look towards when I need inspiration or motivation. For years I've been wanting to own a Wonder Woman figure. This Christmas I was surprised by boyfriend who bought me this DC Collectible Wonder Woman Art of War figure.

Created by Adam Hughes this beautiful sculpture measures at 7.25" tall and comes in a beautiful box. She's a limited edition out of 5,200 and was sculpted by Tim Miller. Beautifully painted, she stands proudly on her platform while gazing out into the distance. 

What I truly love about her is the fact that she hasn't got her cape. The outfit she wears is from her appearance in the 80s. Unlike many other female figures out there the creators have been sure to keep to the way she is and not over sexualised her appearance. A single downfall to her is that she missing her golden lasso, a Wonder Woman essential as she's usually hardly every seen without it. 

Breath taking from the front as from the back. She is a perfectly scaled replica of the Amazon Princess and I'm proud to be the owner of this DC Collectible.

Best Friends Reunited Part Two

Day two was pretty chilled. Flying 40 hours left her drained and change of time zones didn't help either. I've been there myself so I thought maybe we should take it easy today.

Our wonder around London led us to the Natural History Museum. Anyone who truly knows me can understand why after visiting the place a million times, I haven't gotten tired of it to this day! Glad that we did visit as they have started on renovations and a stop in the mammal department showed us that they were truly going to get rid of Dippy. It astounded her that the museum was free! Our chatter brought about memories of visiting museums as kids in Detroit, Michigan and how horrible they were in comparison to what London had to offer. 

It wasn't long till the jet lag settled in once again and we were headed back to Central to grab something to eat. Since before she arrived in London she had been going on and on about fish and chips. That took us Leicester Square. We found a good looking place and lucky for us (though I didn't like the situation) we were also faced off with a large crowd of people as they were hosting the Star Wars premier. We got out of their before it hit off and had enough time to enjoy the lights once more before heading home.

When Best Friends reunite in London

It finally happened! After 3 years two best friends were reunited. It meant a week of laughter, memories and sight seeing. Introducing her to British foods and teaching her the British terminology. 

There wasn't much to be done on the first day. She was travelling from America and it was a long flight with many pitstops. Once we picked her up and got her back home, she refreshed and we decided to head out for a meal and to show her the lights in Central London. Chaos ensured! Got caught in the rain with only one umbrella to share amongst three people. Not a great way to welcome back a friend but at least she got to see the lights.

It's time for...a blog revamp!

I can't do it! This blog as it's just not starting to feel like it truly expresses me. December 4th marked the very first anniversary for my blog. I started off not knowing what I was doing and just writing about things that I thought I was interested in. More like a chore than anything. Blogging was starting to be not fun like it used to. So it's time for me to say...

Sure I'm interested in what I blog but it's not what I'm passionate about. What's the point of taking the time to write if it isn't what really floats my boat? With realisations I've discovered that I shouldn't be ashamed of what it is that I really love. Each blogger has something that makes them excited to write and it's that which makes people want to read what they wrote.

In terms of revamp it's not going to be a whole new layout just new content. It might not seem like a huge thing for some but for me, I think it's a step forward. It'll include me being more active on my Facebook Page, YouTubeInstagramPinterest and Twitter. I want to be get out there more as well. Can't keep using college as an excuse to not go out and discover things.  

What's the plan for the revamp?

  • New content - ideas ranging from reviews to fashion posts to adventures in London
  • Be active - arrange a schedule and stick to it.
  • Engage - take part in blogger twitter chats, engage with other bloggers and make some new blogger friends
  • Don't be afraid - share what I know and love!
  • Wordpress - decide to merge or get rid of it
Through the month of December I'm hoping to get these revamps started on so after the new year I'm up and ready to start blogging all over again. Of course I'll try to get the odd post up now and again.

Any of you gone through a revamp? Got any tips or tricks to share? 

Brushes, keeping them clean all year round

Everyone has their own methods of keeping their makeup brushes clean. Theirs the easy version of getting the special shampoo for them and there are various youtube videos of how you can keep them clean at no expense.

Usually after a week of using my brushes they get filthy and nasty. At the end of week it's time for them to get a good wash. So I gather all of them (even the unused ones) and head off to the bathroom.

First round is using anti bacterial soap. This will ensure that all the nasty stuff collected on the brushes is gone! One round will usually do but two will also work given how bad they are.

Round two I then use coconut shampoo and conditioner. The soap will usually dry them which means prickly hairs (very uncomfortable). These will return all the moisture that were lost. Don't need a lot, about a penny sized amount.

Extra liquid squeezed out then all that's left is for them to dry. I never keep them, bristle up! It lets what little water that wasn't squeezed out to make it's way to glue. Over time the hairs start to come off. At one point the whole bottom part of one of my brushes came off (so lessoned learned). I keep them laying down on their sides.

Here's a tip! Don't have any of this then no worries. Go ahead and use fairy liquid! It works a treat. Just mix it with a small amount of olive oil or baby oil and that's a two in one.

How do you look after your makeup brushes?

I'm looking forward to December

Hello 1st of December!!! I've been waiting for this month for so long just because so much is going to happen. Here are the top 5 things that I'm looking forward to this month.

1. The time that I've seen my best friend is too few of times. After graduation, I moved to London and she went through with studying at uni to become a nurse. This month she's off to Croatia and was able to spare a few days in London to see the sights and hang out with her best chum. In two weeks she will arrive and boyfriend will be coming down as well (he's eager to meet this very much talked about friend of mine). Our antics will be great and our adventures amazing. Sure there will be loads of photos and laughs shared between us.

2. Week after she leaves I'll be flying off to Spain. I can't remember the last time I spent Christmas with the family so I look forward to it but at the same time I don't. This will be the first Christmas where there will be one less person at the table. 

3. My return to London! I will be heading back to the boyfriends to spend my last couple of days of  freedom. We'll be doing our late gift exchange (can't wait to see what we got each other) and catching up.

4. A new year will be here to greet within the blink of an eye. Although my Christmas wasn't spent with boyfriend at least we'll be able to say goodbye to the old year and welcome to the new.

5. Revamp! My motivation of writing has been quite low. Now I can say this is due to not having time because of college but instead I'm going to say it's because this blog doesn't really show who I am. The content is few because I'm never sure what to share along with the fear of exposing the type of person I really am. That will change! When will the revamp start...maybe while I'm on holiday so it's ready for the new year...