Vegetarian vs. Meat

For as long as I could imagine I have been an omnivore. Enjoyed my burgers, pizza and all other meaty dishes. Of course I went through my phases where I attempted to become vegetarian (which failed miserably). Went six months of being pescatarian but then returned to my meat urge. 

September brought about the start of college. I delved into subjects that I never knew about and my teachers told us stories of their experiences. My zoology teacher is adamant in having his students minds open up to what happens around us, behind closed doors. Animal handling theory brought about subjects that were touchy and videos that made you cry. To me, it brought about a stronger realisation of what I've been eating and a greater understanding behind the animals I'll be setting out to work with. 

An incident at my trial day with a chicken made me unable to enjoy Nandos chicken and working with the college Kune Kune pigs made me stop loving my pork sausages. Animal handling theory had me facing issues when it came to buying battered cod.

Do I regret going into this course? Not at all. Do I feel lost now that I can't enjoy the foods that I love? Well at the moment I've been able to survive without my chicken or pork. Cow and lamb aren't off the menu but if offered a plate of it would I eat it? Not sure.

I'm doing fine without the neat to have my meat feast pizza and fish fingers. Not had any urges or faced any second thoughts about the path I'm slowly going down. If anything, this is making me feel better about myself.

Living without meat, can't see that being a bad thing. 


  1. I also can't eat meat .... I have a weird feeling when eating it, especially cow or goat. i still eat chicken or fish but if I see it alive a few minutes earlier..forget it. It's so thought is that they have feelings to and why wouldn't we let them live, right?! So living without meat, ain't a bad thing :)

  2. I wrote something similar on my blog around a year ago, for some being a vegetarian is a choice! It's hard to give up something that you've had your whole life, you hav memories of family dinners and it's a real heart-ache to give it up, even if it is for a great cause such as saving animals lives!

    - Whether it's for health or humanity, giving up meat is hard. Best of luck with it though xx
    Amy, Purely Amy.

  3. Maybe in the future you could share some of your favourite meat free dishes! This post has made me SO hungry! <3 xx

  4. I went through something similar in college (back in 1993). I had some friends talk about animal testing for medical research and beauty products. Then, in 1997 I decided to become a vegetarian after finding out how animals are treated in agriculture. A year later I became a vegan and have been one ever since. I have never regretted the decision.