A budding photographers wish list

I'm a budding photographer, always wanting to improve my skill and knowledge. Dream of being able to take photos that will mesmerise those who look at them. Last year I got my Nikon D3300 and it was the most amazing gift I received in years. Since then, it hasn't left my side. Given time I have been able to sit down and look at items that will help me to become the photographer I have envisioned.

Photography for beginners
1) Camera Cleaning Kit for Optical Lens and Digital SLR: Amazon.co.uk:... - Any and all photographers need to have the proper equipment to care for their beloved camera. This camera cleaning kit is ideal for those given situations.

2) DURAGADGET All-Weather SLR Camera Rucksack For Nikon D: Amazon.co.uk:... - I've got a messenger that I bought for my trip to Sri Lanka. It's good but this bag would be more useful. Compartments to store my lenses, someplace to carry my tripod, and room for anything else that I could possibly need to carry with me.

3) Nikon D3300 From Snapshots to Great Shots - Snap and shoot! It's a good method but for there are some many different techniques that can be used to help improve your shot. Those who are on a budget and like to learn at their own pace, a book like this would be a great assist.

4) How to Photograph Absolutely Everything: Successful Pictures from your... - There's so much that can be photographed and this book does exactly what it says. I borrowed it from my local library and it helped me to take some pretty decent shots.

5) Social Photography Make All Your Smartphone Photos One in a Billion - As a blogger, photography is a great way of getting others attention. My Nikon might travel everywhere I go but so does my smartphone and Ipod touch. With instagram, twitter, facebook knowing that I can take a great photo without the use of my Nikon is great use. A book that can explain how this is possible is even better.

Are you a photographer with your own wish list? 


  1. This is really helpful as I have been looking into buying the same camera! I am a food blogger so taking blog photos on my iPone isn't ideal but it's great for posting pictures on social media like you said.

  2. I got a rucksack similar to this from Ebay and it is much easier (and more comfortable) than carrying a messenger bag. I think mine was about £15 and it's roomy enough for all my other bits too x

  3. We bought ourselves the D5300 18 months ago and never looked back. Just got a new lens a couple months ago (fixed 50mm) and are so happy with it!

  4. My hubby also has a digital SLR but it's a pain how heavy they are. When I came to buy a decent camera I opted for one of the new smart cameras instead, and so went for the Samsung NX1000 (http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/cameras-and-camcorders/cameras/nx-cameras/EV-NX1000BABGB) which syncs with my phone and I can even use my phone as a remote view finder. I cannot tell you how happy I have been with this camera, it still has interchangeable lenses and a lot of the digital SLR features but it just so much more lighter and compact. In terms of a case I went for this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Global-Fashion-Anti-shock-Camera-Samsung/dp/B00B3RAZVI/?keywords=Samsung+NX1000&qid=1373721737&ref=sr_1_16&ie=UTF8&sr=8-16 which again I have been so happy with as I can just put it round my neck and go. :)