If I could....

I wasn't tagged to do this tag but as I liked the idea behind it so much I thought it would be good to do. Please feel free to do this if you haven't. Gives a great insight into the writer behind the blog.

If I could live anywhere…..
My dream lately has been to move to Australia. I believe that would be an adventure in itself. Somewhere for me to look forward to once I have become a veterinary nurse. With so many exotic animals there, I would have the time of my life.
If I could have any home…..
I'm not one for big over sized houses. It has to be comfortable, maybe medium sized with a big garden to run around and relax in during the hot weather. The outdoors is a big point for my future home. Big enough to explore, to have three dogs running around and maybe a horse or two. Inside...meh...not really bothered.

If I could have any garden…….
Open space, green grass, big trees and lots of freedom. I don't care for flowers as much as trees just because I'm no green thumb. A simple, minimal care sort of garden would work for me.
If I could be on holiday right now……
It's hard to choose one place but all that I've been able to think about lately has been Australia. Maybe it's because that's what I dream to be in the future. Warm weather, sandy beaches and animals galore. 
If I could have any job…….
I would love to be a world renowned veterinary nurse. Known for my skills and how much I have helped the animal community. 
If I could have any talent…..
Sketching everything and anything would be an amazing talent. It's a side hobby of mine but it's a skill that I've had to work on very hard each day. Having the natural talent would be that at any given time I could come up with something. Be able to sketch out ideas without any groans of frustration.
If I could live any day again……
The last time I saw my cousin. I would do it all over again, be sure to spend more time with her and do things together. Even though she was ill and unable to do much I felt like the time we had together was too short. I didn't talk to her enough, laugh with her enough, cry with her enough. I would want to do that day all over again and do it right.
If I could have any superpower…..
I would want to be able to understand animals. Think it would be interesting to know what's going on in their minds. Not just in the minds of my pets but when working with them, it would be helpful to know what they want exactly and how I can help them even better. 


  1. I have taken part in the If I Could tag post, I love reading these as they tell you something else about you that we wouldn't normally know. I would love to go to Australia as well, I also wish I could draw, my daughter has the talent of being able to draw she amazes me with her artwork.

  2. I loved reading this if you don't mind I think I might take part myself it's good to get to know other bloggers so thank you. I would love to go to Australia too some great answers x

    1. Please feel free to :) Australia is a common place for many people, it probably has lots to offer when it comes to adventures and places to relax

  3. I love this - I might join in too? I Wish you could have your day with your cousin again too :( Kaz x

  4. I would love to be able to draw too! I'd also love to know what my dog was thinking. x

  5. I would love to be able to sing if I had a talent and I would also love to be able to understand animals too x

  6. I totally agree with you about big houses, I just want a little to medium sized one! xxx