Duprasi, what an odd tail...

Algerian (male) Duprasi photo: Algerian Duprasi algerianfemale.jpg
Image courtesy of [nigelsmum] at photobucket.com

Also referred to as the fat tailed gerbil, the Duprasi is not an animal that you will commonly see in a pet store. I personally don't know of many people who own one not to mention never have I ever encountered one. 

This animal is a common sight in desert areas such as the Northern Sahara. Living till around 5-8 years in captivity, they are about 10cm in length with an additional 5cm of tail. The tail...that weird looking thing looks the way that it does as it stores water within it just as camels hold water within their humps.

Duprasi should be kept alone in a good size cage. Unlike hamsters the bedding should be thick enough that they are able to burrow. They need a level cage with very little climbing obstacles as they're not built to climb. Their diets are similar to those of gerbils but care should be taken to be sure that they don't receive too much moisture with their diet. 

Calm and docile, Duprasi make a great pet for those looking for a mix of cute and strange. 


  1. I've never seen this before, but I think it's cute!

  2. I have neither seen this before nor heard about it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very cool! So into this post and will definitely check out your blog again.

  4. Omg how cute is this little nugget??