Some wise words to share with you, Blogtober Day Two

Who doesn't love a good quote?! I'm a sucker for them and have my own collection that I look back on when I need a pick me up. If you've not seen there are some quotes that inspire listed on THIS old post.

Jorge Lorenzo is one of the reasons behind why I decided to go ahead and get a motorbike. While many MotoGP fans moan about him and his attitude and what not, I continue to see him as a remarkable and hard headed individual that strives to give it his all. He has so many different quotes that give me the boost I need to keep going.

I'll admit that I don't know much about Maya Angelou but this quote spoke to me from the start. I'm constantly fighting with myself and attempting to be a 'normal' twenty something year old female. Only now have I started to realise that if I keep doing that then how am I ever going to know who I truly am and what I can achieve?

ADVENTURE TIME!!! Jake the dog has some of the best quotes and this one is something that I take to heart. I suffer from anxiety and lot of the things that come into mind aren't real...way to go Jake in making me remember to not worry about those silly imaginary thoughts.

All of these quotes are about staying focused and being true to yourself. Something that I constantly remind myself as I am studying for my dream career. It's great to have these to look back on when I need them the most.

Like I said, who doesn't like an inspirational quote?


  1. Hahaha...adventure time! yup that's me getting all hang up on the small stuff...gotta refocus. Thanks for posting

  2. I adore the Maya Angelou quote! I have to confess I'm not an adventure time fan but that quote resonates with me! X

  3. should read some Maya Angelou. She's brilliant and very easy to read.
    And I have a little secret about 'normal' - it's an illusion. Everybody has a dark side!