September Round Up!

Another month has gone?! Can you believe it!!! Well I might not have bought a lot, travelled a lot or experienced any new things but I did still manage to find some favourites to share.

Favourite Meal
This is something different! I go through phases where I'll get addicted to a certain food. At one point I had a yogurt phase, all I could eat was yogurts and nothing else. I also had a soup phase. Everyday would be a different homemade soup. Lately, thanks to Buzzfeed Food I've now got a squash phase. More specifically it's squash hash. I'll pair it up with a bit of protein so some sort of meat or an egg. I can't get enough of it!

Network Addiction
Good old tumblr!!! I love discovering new photos and profiles and my latest discovery is A Man for Flowers. The perfect addition for anyone who loves their anime. I've gotten back to catching up on missed shows and re watching some old time favourites. This page is a god send for me. It has various GIFs, original artwork and a master list for all my Brother Conflict needs.

Image courtesy of [blackzheep] at

An app I can't get enough of
Waking up is the hardest thing for me to do. I'm unmotivated, fuzzled brain, grumpy. Which is why I have downloaded Spotify. I've found this to be a great move as it has recommended albums to get your mornings up and running. I'm addicted to music, you'll never see me without my headphones and IPod in hand. That's why I went ahead and downloaded it. From morning coffee songs to songs that get you to relax. So many albums and so many new songs to discover. Plus it's great to have on when you're having a nice soak in the bath.

Enjoyable moment
September was the start of a new course and a start towards my future goals. I am now officially a Level 3 Animal Care Management student and am loving every bit of it (probably won't be saying that when the assessments and long essay writing occurs). In the past, studies were never enjoyable. I would skip class, not pay attention and when I had enrolled in University with the idea of completing a degree, I ended up pulling out in my third year because I just wasn't happy doing it. Now when I wake up early in the morning, I find myself looking forward to knowing what I will be learning. Thank you heart for choosing to follow my dreams!

How was your September?

Guest Blogger Post: Gossip Girl DIYs

Not all of us watch Gossip Girl but I’m sure most of us have heard about it and suffer from wardrobe envy. Unfortunately, we can’t all be Park Lane living socialites, but we can still take a piece or 2 from their cupboards, especially with these awesome DIY tutorials J

To start off, I really like Chic Steal’s take on Serena’s crochet necklace J Unfortunately, I’ve not received permission to use her photos so I can only refer you to the link to check it out yourself J

And now on to some self-promotion (kidding! There aren’t that many Gossip Girl DIYs around which is why I have to include mine… really! :P) This Silvertone necklace worn by Serena is both easy to make and easy to look at! Full instructions on:

Georgina may be annoying, but her fashion sense is not! J DIY yourself her RichrocksNYC necklace- almost mistyped it as richgirlsNYC!- with this simple, 5 minute tutorial. All materials readily available at any craft store:

Last but not least is this  video tutorial for the butterfly wall in Serena’s room- it’s a little more complicated than I like (I like quick hacks!) but so pretty I couldn’t resist J

Hope you like these pieces and look forward to seeing your takes on it! If you post it on your social media accounts, don’t forget to include #whereDIYmeetstherunway so we can take a look and share it for you J

About the Blogger

About me: Hi! I'm Zen and I blog at I was born in Singapore, did my University in Scotland (with Prince William! :P), worked in a factory in Singapore then found myself back in UK doing graduate school. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a fashion designer, but quickly realised I had no talent for it so turned my efforts to making jewelry instead :) I'd like to be able to design jewelry for my blog full-time one day :)

About : Creative lifestyle blog with regular designer and TV series inspired DIYs. Along the way, I blog about what I use (Makeover Monday- beauty products), where I go (Wandering Wednesday: hapinesswithoutapassport), how I save money (Thrifty Thursday- up cycling), what I eat (Foodie Friday) and what I do ( Summary Saturday: week in review!)

#MySundayPhoto A Beautiful Sunset

It's hard to believe that this year is so close to coming to an end. But like the sun sets it will rise again and who knows what adventures and stories will unravel! My photo for the #MySundayPhoto linky was taken when I was I went to Sri Lanka. I had an amazing time there and I can't forget the many beautiful sun sets that I watched. Seated on the beach, just watching it slowly drop from the sky. It always took my breath away. I hope that sometime in the future I will be able to go back and relive this moment.


Vegan cheesy mac and cheese recipe find

Cheese!!! I'm a cheese lover and as much as I love it, I have been trying my hardest to avoid it like the plague. Now I have my moments of treating myself to a cheesy pizza or a juicy cheeseburger but I want to be able to eat cheese whenever possible. So on a day where I was browsing through my facebook feed I came across a video posted by Buzzfeed for vegan mac and cheese.

Easy ingredients to find and easy enough to make.

The only difference I made was not using onion salt as was bad enough that had onions for the cheese sauce. My thoughts on it... a 8/10. No it doesn't taste the same as the normal mac and cheese but it's so much more filling and enjoyable. The cheese sauce can be kept for another dose of mac or use it to serve over your fish (I did for dinner and it was lovely).  Happiest thought was that as a Slimming World member this meal was FREE!

Have you got any favourite vegan recipes? Ever tried vegan food?

Looking for motivation, new recipes? Have a look at my newest instragram account.

The names Bond...James Bond

Agent 007 is in London and it gave us an opportunity to go and see all his vehicles. Boyfriend is a huge James Bond fan having grown up with him. Me, I'm not a crazy fan like him but I do enjoy the movies. I happened to have spotted a poster for the London Film Museum and their feature Bond in Motion. Over the weekend when he came down for a visit we fit it into our plans to spend the day looking at all the various Bond items. They had vehicles, props and story boards. I couldn't understand most of the things but Boyfriend was thrill. Inspecting each and every single one carefully while taking as many photos as possible.

Are you a James Bond fan? If you fancy taking a trip you can find all the information on the London Film Museum website.