Would you adopt?

Awww look at that cute puppy! That dog is so cute! Yes folks, I have dogs on my mind. Maybe it's because I'm a huge dog lover and maybe it's because I've moved onto my career of choice (animal care management) either way I love them to bits. Ever since I started helping out at Battersea Dog and Cats home my love for them has grown and continues to every time that I'm there.

I've had dogs from as far back as I can remember. My dad is a dog lover and our first dog was a Great Dane named Dingo. A lovely boy! From what I was told, as far as loyalty comes he was as loyal as they got. He was taken wherever my parents went and the whole family loved him to death. Sadly he passed away.

Dingo was the only dog that we had in our family who we bought as a puppy. From there our other dogs were adopted, since that time it's what my family has stuck to. I take pride in having dogs from shelters. It's the thought that I'm giving them that second chance that they have been begging for, a chance to be loved for the rest of their life.

A puppy might not be for everyone. If said person is contemplating getting a four legged companion and has asked me for my advice I straight away point them in the direction of their local shelter. Having a puppy is a lot of time and dedication. It's not just the fawning over their cuteness, it's the idea that the little fellow has to be brought up properly. They have to be toilet trained and taught their basic sit, down, stay and heel commands.

What do I recommend when it comes adopting?

1) Do your research on the breed you're after. Best to know what sort of care they require whether it's long walks or regular grooming sessions.

2) Meet the dog, spend the time to get to know their history.The reason behind them being at the shelter, if they have any special needs, requirements, good with kids, cat friendly, etc.

3)  If all goes according to plan see if you can introduce any pets or children to them to get a better reaction (please remember that the introduction can be all okay at the shelter but at home they might have a different reaction).

4) Looking good? Before your new family member comes home be sure that you have all the needed equipment like leads, halter, food and water dish and bed.

Remember that each pet you adopt wether it's a dog, cat, rabbit,etc. has a story to tell. Be patient. They'll let you know what theirs is and before you know it'll be like they were always a part of your family.

Would you adopt a pet or have you adopted?


  1. I wouldn't adopt a dog, but I've adopted a few cats over the years.

  2. I would love to adopt a dog. But I am single and work all day, so I think I will have to wait a wee while till I am retired or maybe find a job that let's me take it to the office. That's an idea. :-)

  3. I wish I could adopt but I spend all day at work and hardly at home but these are great tips for those thinking of adopting

  4. These are wonderful tips for deciding to get a dog. We kinda stumbled on our giant baby Harley. He was found emaciated, abused and in a ditch. He was a challenge we took on without even thinking.

  5. Lovely post but we don't have the time or dedication a doggy needs I am afraid, Kaz x

  6. Adopt a cat, no chance. I have two adopted Salukis that would eat a cat.
    When I was looking for a dog to adopt I want something small, and easy to look after.
    What I got was Freya, a big scaredy pants hound with issues. She is afraid of so much, but she has a beautiful soul and so much love. The second was pure chance. I saw Doris on the dogs trust website on Christmas eve, Salukis aren't common and she looked so like Freya. She has quirks too, but I love them both dearly. It's hard to imagine life without them now.