Here, have 20 facts...

1) While I was born in San Sebastian, Spain I have spent my childhood growing up in Spain, London and America.

2) I don't enjoy dressing up, it makes me very uncomfortable. Prefer to stick to my jeans, top and sneakers.

3) My favourite genre to read is horror. Spine tingling novels that leave you too afraid to sleep are the best!

4) I have a fascination with Japanese culture and fashion.

5) Cooking is not my strong point. If I have to cook then I make easy things like salads, pasta and couscous.

6) In the USA I drive a car but over here in London I refuse to. Driving here seems stressful and unneeded when I have public transport to help me get to places.

7) Exercising is my favourite form of stress relief.

8) Last year Christmas my boyfriend bought me a DSLR camera. I have since taken up an interest in photography.

9) Can't stand football, I'm a huge MotoGP fan and my favourite racer is Jorge Lorenzo.

10) I suffer from Social Anxiety and absolutely detest it.

11) After completing my Level 3 Animal Care Management course I hope to work on a reserve or as a veterinary nurse.

12) Going to cinemas is great for some but I detest it. Would prefer to wait for the movie to become available on dvd.

13) For two years I have bought products that are cruelty free yet still own a few products that aren't. Refuse to throw them until they have been all used up.

14) Would rather spend my money on food than on clothes, makeup and other products.

15) I have two last names since my parents married in Spain it's tradition there to have both your mothers and fathers last name.

16) Hardly get my hair cut at a salon. I will trim my own hair if needed even if it's not a professional job it doesn't matter as I'm constantly wearing my hair up.

17) Don't enjoy breakfast. In fact, eating breakfast usually makes me feel ill so I avoid it most of the time.

18) If I were to go out for a meal I would refuse to go to a buffet.

19) Out of all the social media that I use I most enjoy tumblr. Can spend hours just looking at different photos.

20) My favourite album at the moment is X by Ed Sheeran.

Do we share any facts in common? 

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  1. And my favorite social media platform is Facebook! The things I like the most about Facebook is chatting with friends and participating in groups. :)