Beautify me, mini haul

Summer, hot and stick weather. My hair gets frizzled, my skin dry, in general not a very pleasant sight to behold. It's only right to go out and find things that would help my appearance out a bit which led me to having a haul to share with my readers.

I walk a lot, but the heat makes it a lot more harder and takes a strain especially on my feet. While ladies are out there showing their smooth feet, I hide mine within sneakers and boots. My poor feet end up becoming dry and cracked. Not something to share with the public. Advertisements promoting Scholl Velvet Smooth made me think about getting one. I wasn't prepared to pay the amount for it and I wasn't going to invest in Scholl products as they're not vegan or cruelty free. Lucky for me, Superdrug had their own version. It came with a coarse and fine roller and has done wonders to my feet. My cracked heels still needed some extra care which led me to purchase Superdrug Cracked Heel Repair Cream.

This weekend I will be heading out for a party meal. My mascara, eye liner and eye lash glue have dried up and need replacing. MUA is a brand that is cruelty free and affordable also a brand that I've never tried. When I'm at my boyfriends place I'm constantly using his mum's translucent powder and mascara so I thought it might be about time that I go ahead and by my own. I haven't tried either products including the felt eyeliner (but I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts on the products). While I've been avoiding using false lashes, I thought to go ahead and invest in a new bottle of eye last glue. Hopefully the lashes will stay in put in this heat.

Interested in what makeup brands are cruelty free? Check out the Superdrug website.

Finally onto the one piece of my body that needs a lot of attention. My hair. It's frizzled, dry, and lots very sad. I needed a shampoo and conditioner to restore my hair to it's non damaged ways. That's when I came across Superdrugs own brand of shampoo in coconut and sweet almond. The reviews of the product on the page were helpful and as it was listed as a product to use for dry/damaged hair I thought to give it a go. Lucky for me both the shampoo and conditioner were on sale so at a bargain I bought them.

I'm eager to see what changes these products give and who knows, they might make it onto my favourites for this month.


  1. Would like to try the foot repair cream, my feet get so dry, the shampoo sounds lovely!

  2. I loveeee those root roller things ! I have one myself and was so surprised by how effective it was ! Enjoy all your new goodies :)

    Laura @ What's Hot?

  3. That's a great haul. I try my best to find products that cruelty free but sometimes I forget to pay attention. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome haul! I could use some restorative shampoo and conditioner, too! This summer has my hair acting all kinds of crazy!

  5. My hair and skin tend to be very dry too- especially, with summer! I've been on a "no-heat" spree with my hair for the last few weeks and trying to wash it as little as possible so some of the natural oils are coming back- it has been really helping a lot!

    The almond shampoo sounds like it smell wonderful!

  6. I hope the hair products do exactly what you're hoping they do! I totally understand about the dry and brittle problem!

  7. I hope you get the results you are looking for in your new products.