July was a breakdown month for me

This month for me hasn't been one of the best. I've had more downs than ups and when it came to events nothing seemed to happen. Interviews came as they went, wishes never became reality. It was another time where I felt like I should just call it quits. Nothing new was going to happen, nothing in life was going to change.

July was a realisation month for me. A realisation that thought I thought that I had made progress in certain areas, I was just pulling a blanket over my eyes to stop myself from seeing the trough. My thoughts were a jumble, my emotions were a non stop roller coaster ride. What was I to do?

Facing challenges head on. It's what I prefer to do than ask those who are close to me for help. There are those points in time where you have to reach out. The burden gets to heavy to carry alone, to much to sort through and prioritise. A healthy mind goes hand in hand with a healthy body. Neither of which I have.

Tired, fed up, frustrated, annoyed, sad, angry. All those negatives are what have made my month of July a breakdown month. August brings me a step closer to the start of college and the start of moving towards a new goal in life. Everyone crashes and burns, but it's finding out when you are ready to put you foot down and do something about it that changes your perspective. The changes might not be quick but some progress is better than no progress.

Beautify me, mini haul

Summer, hot and stick weather. My hair gets frizzled, my skin dry, in general not a very pleasant sight to behold. It's only right to go out and find things that would help my appearance out a bit which led me to having a haul to share with my readers.

I walk a lot, but the heat makes it a lot more harder and takes a strain especially on my feet. While ladies are out there showing their smooth feet, I hide mine within sneakers and boots. My poor feet end up becoming dry and cracked. Not something to share with the public. Advertisements promoting Scholl Velvet Smooth made me think about getting one. I wasn't prepared to pay the amount for it and I wasn't going to invest in Scholl products as they're not vegan or cruelty free. Lucky for me, Superdrug had their own version. It came with a coarse and fine roller and has done wonders to my feet. My cracked heels still needed some extra care which led me to purchase Superdrug Cracked Heel Repair Cream.

This weekend I will be heading out for a party meal. My mascara, eye liner and eye lash glue have dried up and need replacing. MUA is a brand that is cruelty free and affordable also a brand that I've never tried. When I'm at my boyfriends place I'm constantly using his mum's translucent powder and mascara so I thought it might be about time that I go ahead and by my own. I haven't tried either products including the felt eyeliner (but I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts on the products). While I've been avoiding using false lashes, I thought to go ahead and invest in a new bottle of eye last glue. Hopefully the lashes will stay in put in this heat.

Interested in what makeup brands are cruelty free? Check out the Superdrug website.

Finally onto the one piece of my body that needs a lot of attention. My hair. It's frizzled, dry, and lots very sad. I needed a shampoo and conditioner to restore my hair to it's non damaged ways. That's when I came across Superdrugs own brand of shampoo in coconut and sweet almond. The reviews of the product on the page were helpful and as it was listed as a product to use for dry/damaged hair I thought to give it a go. Lucky for me both the shampoo and conditioner were on sale so at a bargain I bought them.

I'm eager to see what changes these products give and who knows, they might make it onto my favourites for this month.

Quote me this

We've got our bad days and we've got our good days and then those days when we need a pic me up or motivational push. There are so many inspirational people out there from past and present. Some fictional others not. From books to movies to songs, here are some of my favourite ones.

These quotes hit me right in the heart as I've found myself struggling lately. It's nice to find words that will guide you along. Words that let you know that with what you're going through it is still possible to keep going. There are people there that you might not know but still help is out there when you need it. What are some quotes that make your day?

Chilli con carne, the healthy way

Taking a spin on the 31 Day Blog Challenge as I find a few of them receptive I thought that while keeping with blogging for the whole 31 Days when I can I'll either change the order or just post something different. Today would be in relation to my joining of Slimming World and sharing a healthier version of one of my favourite meals, Chilli con Carne (the meat free version).

Your ingredients:
-low calorie cooking spray
-onion (1)
-garlic cloves (2)
-chillies (2)
-cumin (2 tsp)
-coriander (1tsp) 
-paprika (1tsp)
-cayenne pepper (1tsp)
-tomato puree 
-beef stock cube
-quorn mince 
-kidney beans
-salt and pepper

Time to cook!!!

To start off makes sure that your onion, garlic and chilli are sliced and your kidney beans are drained and ready to go. Spray your saucepan with the low calorie cooking spray and fry off your onions until golden and soft before adding your mince.

As the mince is starting to cook add your garlic, chillies and spices. Stir it all occasionally for about 2-3 minutes.

Time to add your passata, tomato puree and beef stock and stir before bringing it to the boil. Let it bubble for a 1-2 before reducing the heat and simmering gently for 15mins until the liquid is slightly reduced.

Season to taste with salt and pepper and add the kidney beans. Let it all cook for another 5 minuets. Serve with rice. 


The best thing about this recipe is that you can eat it hot or cold. A few tips, the original recipe calls for canned tomatoes but I have found that using the canned tomatoes does make the Chilli con Carne watery and tasteless. Passata will give the sauce more flavour as well as thicken it slightly. 

While I used quorn as preference (for those part of Slimming World, Quorn is syn free!!!) the healthier option is when using your preferred mince be sure to check that it is 5% fat or less.

I have a tendency to make this in the morning and let it set till I'm ready to eat and it tastes a whole lot better. Best part is if you have left overs then place it in a container and freeze the remainder. You've got something to pull out on a day when you just don't fancy cooking. If you give this recipe a try let me know!

Here, have 20 facts...

1) While I was born in San Sebastian, Spain I have spent my childhood growing up in Spain, London and America.

2) I don't enjoy dressing up, it makes me very uncomfortable. Prefer to stick to my jeans, top and sneakers.

3) My favourite genre to read is horror. Spine tingling novels that leave you too afraid to sleep are the best!

4) I have a fascination with Japanese culture and fashion.

5) Cooking is not my strong point. If I have to cook then I make easy things like salads, pasta and couscous.

6) In the USA I drive a car but over here in London I refuse to. Driving here seems stressful and unneeded when I have public transport to help me get to places.

7) Exercising is my favourite form of stress relief.

8) Last year Christmas my boyfriend bought me a DSLR camera. I have since taken up an interest in photography.

9) Can't stand football, I'm a huge MotoGP fan and my favourite racer is Jorge Lorenzo.

10) I suffer from Social Anxiety and absolutely detest it.

11) After completing my Level 3 Animal Care Management course I hope to work on a reserve or as a veterinary nurse.

12) Going to cinemas is great for some but I detest it. Would prefer to wait for the movie to become available on dvd.

13) For two years I have bought products that are cruelty free yet still own a few products that aren't. Refuse to throw them until they have been all used up.

14) Would rather spend my money on food than on clothes, makeup and other products.

15) I have two last names since my parents married in Spain it's tradition there to have both your mothers and fathers last name.

16) Hardly get my hair cut at a salon. I will trim my own hair if needed even if it's not a professional job it doesn't matter as I'm constantly wearing my hair up.

17) Don't enjoy breakfast. In fact, eating breakfast usually makes me feel ill so I avoid it most of the time.

18) If I were to go out for a meal I would refuse to go to a buffet.

19) Out of all the social media that I use I most enjoy tumblr. Can spend hours just looking at different photos.

20) My favourite album at the moment is X by Ed Sheeran.

Do we share any facts in common? 

Let me introduce myself properly

I've been eager to do challenges since my attempt at completing the BEDM failed greatly. I searched through google, tumblr and pinterest before coming across the 31 Day Blog Challenge set by the author of OutMUMbered. So onto the challenge we go!!!

Today is my introduction to readers new and old. Hello!!! I'm a 25 year old young women located in London, UK. My life brought me here after graduating from high school in Detroit, Michigan. I was fortunate that my dad's job took us from Spain (where I was born) to London and then to the USA. Having spent time living in London when I was younger I was eager to return after graduation. My intentions were to attend University to become an English teacher but the dreamed died along the years. By the time I was 23 I had withdrawn from University to see what it was that I really wanted. Time was spent with friends and family and work. It was only recently that I realised that the one passion of mine that hadn't vanished was my love for animals. With 2015 I choose to enrol myself into an animal care management course and haven't regretted the choice.

Apart from that small biography from myself I can also share that my interests are wide and varied. With my family spread out I travel quite a bit, mostly to Spain and the USA.  I have a bucket list of countries that I want to see and hopefully I will see more and more. I love my animals having four dogs (two Siberian Huskies, White German Shepherd and a Doberman). From a young age I learnt to ride horses which led me to getting my Level One BHS qualification. While I don't have a horse of my own, I dream that one day it will come true. I also have a passion for motorbikes. My uncle is a motorbike mechanic and my dad rides motorbikes regularly. Lucky for me, my partner is also a motorbike fanatic and we go out on the weekends for nice long rides. I hope in the future to be able to do a track day and own my dream bike a Ducati Monster 696.

So there you have it. A little introduction to the person behind the blog. Wonder what day 2 of the challenge will bring?