Vampire Reading Challenge

Summer time!!! Freedom!!! Along with a whole lot of time to spare and nothing to really do. Now that will change thanks to finding out about this challenge. Ladies and gentlemen, all me to introduce you to blackteaandmilk's READING CHALLENGE!!!

The basis of this challenge is pretty simple. Those who except the challenge are to choose novels based around vampires. Now that alone I can't pass as I'm a huge vampire fan. I've had a list in mind of novels that I've wanted to read and a lot of them involve vampires. An exception to this list is that all who are taking the challenge are to read 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker (a novel I haven't read since high school). End of the month we're to post our thoughts and reviews of the novel. I look forward to reading what others have to say.

My choices (given that I can get them at my local library no problem) are:

1) Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
2) Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice
3) Abraham Lincoln, a vampire hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
4) Many Bloody Returns by Charlaine Harris

If chances are that I can't then I'll just have to hunt through the horror section and see what treasures I can find hidden. Either way, this challenge has got me all excited and ready to read to my hearts content. Any of you fancy joining? Check out THIS LINK for details :)

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  1. Of it would of been other books i would of agreed