Tapa time in Spain

This photo was taken last year when my boyfriend and I spent a couple of days in Spain. It was his first time visiting Spain and trying out the local cuisine. My favorite part about being in Spain is that the food is always fresh (the shellfish were still alive). Not all the bars are like the one photoed. This was a tapa bar located in Santiago. Very little room to move or places to sit but the food was amazing and enjoyable.



  1. I'm really not good with eating the local food. You're much better than me. When I go on holiday I like the food to be stuff I'm familiar with. When I went to Spain I would only eat British food, the same when I went to Greece x

  2. The food looks amazing on the photo. I went to Spain last year and just couldn't get enough of seafood.

  3. I really like experiencing the local cuisine whilst on holiday. It's all part of the holiday experience for me.