Prepare for lift off!!!

Everyone has their own routine that must be done before they head off on their adventure. I would usually pack my suitcase 3 days before my flight so all I have to put in is the toothbrush, hair brush and whatever else I had used the day before. That leaves me with the day before the flight. The day where I just take it easy and prep myself for the oncoming flight.


I can't sit on a flight no matter how long or short it is without my ears being plugged and music running through my brain. The day before I sit at my laptop, remove all the previous music on my Ipod and start carefully selecting the songs that will keep my occupied from the moment we take off to the time we land. I've got my very old Ipod that has been on just about every travel adventure I can think of and my new Ipod touch. The music on the Ipod touch is filled with albums I bought off Itunes while the Ipod has songs from my favourite tv shows (mostly anime). It's easier for me to have two devices playing different music styles instead of sticking it all on one and then having to flip through to find the song that I want.

Charge it all

Charge my phone, check. Charge my 3DS, check. Charge my DSLR, check. Everything has to be charged the day before ready to go. Items like my phone, Ipod/Ipod touch,tablet get charged overnight. Everything else charged before then so I can then place it in my carry on without having to worry that I might have forgotten something.

Got to occupy myself

Some flights have a screen to watch movies and tv shows. The ones for shorted flights don't tend to. So that means that I need a way to keep myself going. There are those who just shut their eyes and fall asleep. I can't do that especially when I'm sitting next to someone that I don't know. That's where my tablet and other little bits end up being handy. I download one or two movies to watch half way through the flight. Take a book to help pass the time. A notebook to jot down ideas and random doodles.

Time to take it easy

Morning has gone and night has settled it. The only thing left is to pamper myself. Flying takes a toll on your body whether you notice it or not. I like to drop myself into a relaxing bath, with a mud mask. Releasing all the tension and worries of 'have I got everything?' 'I hope there aren't any delays'. The night before is where I exfoliate my skin, rid myself of any unwanted body hair, and make sure that my face is properly cleaned and cared for.

So that's my preparations done before my flight. Anything you do differently?


  1. I'm just the same! I like to be packed up way in advance and always write lists, one for hold luggage, one for carry on and one for last minute things to pop in the cases!

    Laura x
    Must Have Girl

  2. Gosh that all sounds very organised! I'm assuming you are only packing for yourself and travelling solo? Much more chaotic with two kids and a husband in tow.