Upon returning for my holiday, I was selected to receive the Liebster Award by Stacey from Stacey Homemaker. This award gives new bloggers the chance to share a bit about themselves to their readers and a chance for others to discover some new blogs. 

The questions I RECEIVED are:

Why did you start blogging? How long have you blogged for?
Blogging for me has been an on and off thing. I used to blog just for fun having started one up for my progress of Gyaru fashion (a Japanese style). After a while it died out and my interest in blogging wasn't there until the end of last year when I found out a relative wasn't doing too well. I wanted them to be informed about what was going on in my life so I created this blog. My posts were few but they enjoyed it. Soon I started traveling again and having a lot more adventures. Now my blog has grown to what it is now. 

What is you favourite cheat food?

White chocolate!!! I can never say no to a bag of white chocolate buttons or to a Milkybar. It's impossible to. So those days when I'm not feeling like myself I go straight for it.

Have you ever been out of the country before? Where did you go?
I travel whenever I can and a lot of the time I do is spent in either Spain or in USA. Fortunate for me that my family is spread out. With my parents living in the USA and my mums side of the family living in Spain. Usually it would be a visit to same place but these days I have expanded. My latest travel trip took me to Sri Lanka. A beautiful country that I hadn't visited in over 20 years. That was a trip to remember.

What is the story behind your Blog name?

Every blog has a name and the name usually reflects what the author enjoys blogging about. It's a small insight into the person they are. The name behind my blog was from the thought that so many of us sit and watch life just float on by in the blink of an eye. So many things happen that we take for granted and it was from that I came up with the title of my blog. As the World Floats By is name that brings the readers in to find out what little things have been happening in my life.

What’s your favourite hobby?

Reading will forever be my favourite hobby. I might not be as engrossed with books as when I was younger but I still can't help and pick up a book even if I'm not going to read it. My favourite genres are horror, fantasy and fiction. If someone asked me about who my favourite author was I couldn't come up with an answer just because with the amount I have read I am unable to pick one that stands out from the rest. 

What was the best thing you ever splurged on for yourself?

I'm not one to splurg on myself as silly as that sounds. I prefer to buy things for loved ones and family. If I splurg it would be on a meal rather than clothes or makeup or anything else. Does that sound weird? I especially splurg when it comes to someones birthday or christmas. 

Where is your dream vacation location? Have you been there yet?

It is somewhere by the ocean, quiet but filled with adventures. I want to be able to relax by the ocean and then the next day climb a mountain. I've been to loads of places like that but what would make this dream vacation special from the rest would be sharing it with my partner.

What sets your blog a part from all the other blogs out there?

It's hard for me to say what makes this blog different from others except that maybe the reason behind starting this blog is what makes it different. As mentioned before, when a close family member of mine fell ill it gave me a reason to start blogging. After they passed away I kept going because I felt like I still wanted to share those stories and interests.  

Have you ever binge watched an entire TV show series  in one day?

There are rare moments when I have sat down with a comfy pillow and my tablet in hand. Then I realise that I have a lot of catching up to be down. A lot of them times that occurs with anime or someone has informed me of a really great tv series. I watch the first episode, am hooked and then have to watch it all the way to the most current series. The last time that happened was with the tv series Grimm. 

Do you ever shop with coupons?

The amount of times that I've bought something from Superdrugs or from online and then been given a coupon are endless. Not once do I remember ever using the coupons. 

Would you rather go out to eat or cook at home?

I enjoy prepping food with fresh ingredients and being able to adjust it to my taste. That being said...I also enjoy going out and not worrying about having to do dishes at the end of the day. Between the two, I would lean more towards cooking at home. I'm not one to get dressed and go out for a nice meal. Would rather share a home cooked meal with friends and loved ones even if means the rest of my time will be spent cleaning up. 
Thank you to Stacey Homemaker for electing me and giving me the chance to pass on this reward to more bloggers. The following are the bloggers that I have selected for this reward: Barbara from thecraftycaker, Georgia from Big Fashion Talk, Natalie from NataleeINTHECITY, Joana from 100 Things I Love.

My 11 questions for you are:
  1. Where do you look for inspirations when you need a topic to blog about?
  2. How has being a blog writer changed your life?
  3. What is one thing that you can't live without? 
  4. New Years is a time for resolutions. Have you been able to keep on track with your resolutions?
  5. If you could go back in time and met your younger self, what is one thing you would tell younger you?
  6. Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
  7. Where was the last place you traveled to? 
  8. What is one of your favourite methods you use to de-stress?
  9. Looking back, what was one of your best childhood memories?
  10. What song have you been listening to the most this year? 
  11. Name one thing that you like about yourself and explain why.
Thank for reading my answers and I hope that you will take a look at the nominated bloggers answers to my questions. Nominees please remember to spread the love!!! 


  1. I love posts like this as it's a great way to find more about bloggers. Congratulations on your award. :-)

  2. This is the first time I've seen anything like this and I LOVE it! What a cool way to share with readers more about you and also name some other great bloggers to discover.