June has come to an end

Goodbye June!!! It feels like you have just arrived but already you're leaving. Well can't say that I didn't enjoy this month. Want to see what I enjoyed about this month?

Favourite Workout Routine

I've signed myself up for a 30 day challenge. Apart from the time that I was signed to a gym it has been a long time since I've kept to a regime. On and off, on and off, it was a constant pattern. After starting Slimming World I was determined to tone my body along with my eating habits changing. I have had the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD for a while. Used it every now and then but my search through Pinterest brought me to a pin of a schedule to follow along with the 30 Day Shred. My measurements were taken at the start of the routine and now I have only have 16 days to see the change.

Favourite Movie

Holiday in Spain left me with a lot of time to take it easy. While I have a lot of different apps to view shows I thought to finally settle down and watch Pitch Perfect. Most of my friends recommended it and I'm glad they did. I was thrilled with this movie. It was funny, kept my attention and played songs to remember. Ended up buying the soundtrack before catching my flight back to London. Now I can't wait to purchase the movie on DVD and add it to my collection.

Favourite App

We've got friends and we've got family to tell secrets but I prefer to have my secrets posted on the Whisper App. It's incredibly how I feel after posting my secret for others to read. Some people comment on while others heart it. Through this app I was able to share secrets that I wasn't comfortable to share with my close ones. It's weird how you easy it is to reveal things to complete strangers than to close ones. Find it on App Store and Google Play.

Apps, movies and exercise a great combo I think. What were some of your favourite things about the month of June?


  1. I love workout DVD's, especially the ones that involve dancing!

  2. I love Pitch Perfect- I still haven't seen the second one, so now I'm dying to check that out!