June has come to an end

Goodbye June!!! It feels like you have just arrived but already you're leaving. Well can't say that I didn't enjoy this month. Want to see what I enjoyed about this month?

Favourite Workout Routine

I've signed myself up for a 30 day challenge. Apart from the time that I was signed to a gym it has been a long time since I've kept to a regime. On and off, on and off, it was a constant pattern. After starting Slimming World I was determined to tone my body along with my eating habits changing. I have had the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD for a while. Used it every now and then but my search through Pinterest brought me to a pin of a schedule to follow along with the 30 Day Shred. My measurements were taken at the start of the routine and now I have only have 16 days to see the change.

Favourite Movie

Holiday in Spain left me with a lot of time to take it easy. While I have a lot of different apps to view shows I thought to finally settle down and watch Pitch Perfect. Most of my friends recommended it and I'm glad they did. I was thrilled with this movie. It was funny, kept my attention and played songs to remember. Ended up buying the soundtrack before catching my flight back to London. Now I can't wait to purchase the movie on DVD and add it to my collection.

Favourite App

We've got friends and we've got family to tell secrets but I prefer to have my secrets posted on the Whisper App. It's incredibly how I feel after posting my secret for others to read. Some people comment on while others heart it. Through this app I was able to share secrets that I wasn't comfortable to share with my close ones. It's weird how you easy it is to reveal things to complete strangers than to close ones. Find it on App Store and Google Play.

Apps, movies and exercise a great combo I think. What were some of your favourite things about the month of June?

Vampire Reading Challenge

Summer time!!! Freedom!!! Along with a whole lot of time to spare and nothing to really do. Now that will change thanks to finding out about this challenge. Ladies and gentlemen, all me to introduce you to blackteaandmilk's READING CHALLENGE!!!

The basis of this challenge is pretty simple. Those who except the challenge are to choose novels based around vampires. Now that alone I can't pass as I'm a huge vampire fan. I've had a list in mind of novels that I've wanted to read and a lot of them involve vampires. An exception to this list is that all who are taking the challenge are to read 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker (a novel I haven't read since high school). End of the month we're to post our thoughts and reviews of the novel. I look forward to reading what others have to say.

My choices (given that I can get them at my local library no problem) are:

1) Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
2) Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice
3) Abraham Lincoln, a vampire hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
4) Many Bloody Returns by Charlaine Harris

If chances are that I can't then I'll just have to hunt through the horror section and see what treasures I can find hidden. Either way, this challenge has got me all excited and ready to read to my hearts content. Any of you fancy joining? Check out THIS LINK for details :)


Upon returning for my holiday, I was selected to receive the Liebster Award by Stacey from Stacey Homemaker. This award gives new bloggers the chance to share a bit about themselves to their readers and a chance for others to discover some new blogs. 

The questions I RECEIVED are:

Why did you start blogging? How long have you blogged for?
Blogging for me has been an on and off thing. I used to blog just for fun having started one up for my progress of Gyaru fashion (a Japanese style). After a while it died out and my interest in blogging wasn't there until the end of last year when I found out a relative wasn't doing too well. I wanted them to be informed about what was going on in my life so I created this blog. My posts were few but they enjoyed it. Soon I started traveling again and having a lot more adventures. Now my blog has grown to what it is now. 

What is you favourite cheat food?

White chocolate!!! I can never say no to a bag of white chocolate buttons or to a Milkybar. It's impossible to. So those days when I'm not feeling like myself I go straight for it.

Have you ever been out of the country before? Where did you go?
I travel whenever I can and a lot of the time I do is spent in either Spain or in USA. Fortunate for me that my family is spread out. With my parents living in the USA and my mums side of the family living in Spain. Usually it would be a visit to same place but these days I have expanded. My latest travel trip took me to Sri Lanka. A beautiful country that I hadn't visited in over 20 years. That was a trip to remember.

What is the story behind your Blog name?

Every blog has a name and the name usually reflects what the author enjoys blogging about. It's a small insight into the person they are. The name behind my blog was from the thought that so many of us sit and watch life just float on by in the blink of an eye. So many things happen that we take for granted and it was from that I came up with the title of my blog. As the World Floats By is name that brings the readers in to find out what little things have been happening in my life.

What’s your favourite hobby?

Reading will forever be my favourite hobby. I might not be as engrossed with books as when I was younger but I still can't help and pick up a book even if I'm not going to read it. My favourite genres are horror, fantasy and fiction. If someone asked me about who my favourite author was I couldn't come up with an answer just because with the amount I have read I am unable to pick one that stands out from the rest. 

What was the best thing you ever splurged on for yourself?

I'm not one to splurg on myself as silly as that sounds. I prefer to buy things for loved ones and family. If I splurg it would be on a meal rather than clothes or makeup or anything else. Does that sound weird? I especially splurg when it comes to someones birthday or christmas. 

Where is your dream vacation location? Have you been there yet?

It is somewhere by the ocean, quiet but filled with adventures. I want to be able to relax by the ocean and then the next day climb a mountain. I've been to loads of places like that but what would make this dream vacation special from the rest would be sharing it with my partner.

What sets your blog a part from all the other blogs out there?

It's hard for me to say what makes this blog different from others except that maybe the reason behind starting this blog is what makes it different. As mentioned before, when a close family member of mine fell ill it gave me a reason to start blogging. After they passed away I kept going because I felt like I still wanted to share those stories and interests.  

Have you ever binge watched an entire TV show series  in one day?

There are rare moments when I have sat down with a comfy pillow and my tablet in hand. Then I realise that I have a lot of catching up to be down. A lot of them times that occurs with anime or someone has informed me of a really great tv series. I watch the first episode, am hooked and then have to watch it all the way to the most current series. The last time that happened was with the tv series Grimm. 

Do you ever shop with coupons?

The amount of times that I've bought something from Superdrugs or from online and then been given a coupon are endless. Not once do I remember ever using the coupons. 

Would you rather go out to eat or cook at home?

I enjoy prepping food with fresh ingredients and being able to adjust it to my taste. That being said...I also enjoy going out and not worrying about having to do dishes at the end of the day. Between the two, I would lean more towards cooking at home. I'm not one to get dressed and go out for a nice meal. Would rather share a home cooked meal with friends and loved ones even if means the rest of my time will be spent cleaning up. 
Thank you to Stacey Homemaker for electing me and giving me the chance to pass on this reward to more bloggers. The following are the bloggers that I have selected for this reward: Barbara from thecraftycaker, Georgia from Big Fashion Talk, Natalie from NataleeINTHECITY, Joana from 100 Things I Love.

My 11 questions for you are:
  1. Where do you look for inspirations when you need a topic to blog about?
  2. How has being a blog writer changed your life?
  3. What is one thing that you can't live without? 
  4. New Years is a time for resolutions. Have you been able to keep on track with your resolutions?
  5. If you could go back in time and met your younger self, what is one thing you would tell younger you?
  6. Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
  7. Where was the last place you traveled to? 
  8. What is one of your favourite methods you use to de-stress?
  9. Looking back, what was one of your best childhood memories?
  10. What song have you been listening to the most this year? 
  11. Name one thing that you like about yourself and explain why.
Thank for reading my answers and I hope that you will take a look at the nominated bloggers answers to my questions. Nominees please remember to spread the love!!! 

There's a little town in Spain

Riberia, a small town located in northwestern Spain. It's where my mums side of the family reside during the cold months and it's where a lot of my time is spent. Not many people visit this town as it's small and doesn't have a lot to offer. To me it's a comfort not only because of family but because of the familiar shops and ocean boarding the town. I don't go to this town to go on exciting adventures, I go there to escape the bustle and noise of London. To be able to have some quiet time, left alone with my thoughts about the future and present.

As the weather is very warm, I was able to go to the beach a couple of times. Corrubedo is a small village only 45mins away from Riberia. It's my favourite place to be in the summer and fortunate for me my grandparents have a small house there where the family gather once the weather has improved. The ocean is blue and the seagulls continuously sing their songs. No tourists around but then I don't believe many people know about the small town. Great food, cool ocean and lots of memories. Corrubedo will always be the place for me. 

Have you got a country you continuously visit?

Run or Dye! Are you in?!

It's summer which means...MARATHONS!!!! I've been dying to get into shape just so that I can attend the various runs that are out there but this one has to be the all time most fun looking run of them all. Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you...

What is this madness?! This has to be on the top of my list of marathons that I would want to partake in the future. Any of you out there a runner? Looking for motivation to get you running? Well look no further than this event. Run or Dye is a 5k marathon where as you run/walk/dance your way through you get showered with plant based dye. It's not timed so no pressure, just enjoy the marathon at your own pace. 


So what are you waiting for?! Grab your friends, family, co-workers and whoever else you can find and join. (Oh and kids 6 and under get in free!!!) Go ahead and check out their website http://www.runordye.co.uk/ for more details and where you can partake.  Sounds like your cup of tea? then go ahead and use the discount code KISDISCOUNT to get £3 off. 

Want an insight? Check out this video!


Tapa time in Spain

This photo was taken last year when my boyfriend and I spent a couple of days in Spain. It was his first time visiting Spain and trying out the local cuisine. My favorite part about being in Spain is that the food is always fresh (the shellfish were still alive). Not all the bars are like the one photoed. This was a tapa bar located in Santiago. Very little room to move or places to sit but the food was amazing and enjoyable.


A biker story

It's runs in the family and meeting my boyfriend ignited the passion into a never ending flame that won't simmer down. For most of my life the experience of riding bikes were from the back. A pillion who just enjoyed the thrill of the high speeds on the country roads. I never knew what it was like to be the one who holding that throttle. Never knew the sense of freedom that came with owing a motorbike. I had worked and worked, putting money aside just so I wouldn't spend it all in one go. A spark, the flame ignited. I was going to do it, go ahead and get my CBT done to start experiencing what it was like to have a motorbike of my own. My own two wheels of freedom. In 2013 I booked my CBT and went on the hunt for my first bike. What to choose? Sports bike? Naked bike? Big or small? The search began. Days on Ebay, days of conversation with boyfriend and his mother and partner. I had my heart set on the sports bikes but was advised against it as for a first bike it could be rather costly should I drop it. So along came this little Honda CG125. It was small, no fairings to worry about, a kickstart with a main stand.

Seconds ticked by and then before I knew it I had placed my bid and won!!! The little bike was mine. I was thrilled, over the moon. My first bike!!! Insurance I sorted on the same day and all that was left was to wait till she came home. Boyfriends mum and partner went to collect it the following day. I can remember the beep of the van horn and racing out to the garage. Impatiently I watched as they rolled it out. Keys handed to me, I popped them into the ignition, kicked her into start and the sound radiated through my ears. It wasn't as loud as I had hopped but there she was. My own set of two wheels ready for me once I passed my CBT.

The day came that I had to go and learn how to ride. I was nervous, hesitant. The instructor talked us through what we would be learning. About road procedures, what was expected of us in the lesson, gave us a tour of the circuit and an introduction to the bike. I couldn't wait to get started...was the feeling when I got on the bike but after that my nerves just picked up. Sad to say that by the end of the session I wasn't among the others going out on the road ride which meant I had failed my CBT. Boyfriend came to pick me up, home we went and once home I threw myself on the bed in tears of frustration. Thanks to boyfriends probing and edging I went to the garage, pulled out my bike and practiced. It took me three tries of returning to do my CBT but needless to say I got it in the end. I might not have been a natural rider like the others in my class but with perseverance and practice and determination I got there in the end.

Prepare for lift off!!!

Everyone has their own routine that must be done before they head off on their adventure. I would usually pack my suitcase 3 days before my flight so all I have to put in is the toothbrush, hair brush and whatever else I had used the day before. That leaves me with the day before the flight. The day where I just take it easy and prep myself for the oncoming flight.


I can't sit on a flight no matter how long or short it is without my ears being plugged and music running through my brain. The day before I sit at my laptop, remove all the previous music on my Ipod and start carefully selecting the songs that will keep my occupied from the moment we take off to the time we land. I've got my very old Ipod that has been on just about every travel adventure I can think of and my new Ipod touch. The music on the Ipod touch is filled with albums I bought off Itunes while the Ipod has songs from my favourite tv shows (mostly anime). It's easier for me to have two devices playing different music styles instead of sticking it all on one and then having to flip through to find the song that I want.

Charge it all

Charge my phone, check. Charge my 3DS, check. Charge my DSLR, check. Everything has to be charged the day before ready to go. Items like my phone, Ipod/Ipod touch,tablet get charged overnight. Everything else charged before then so I can then place it in my carry on without having to worry that I might have forgotten something.

Got to occupy myself

Some flights have a screen to watch movies and tv shows. The ones for shorted flights don't tend to. So that means that I need a way to keep myself going. There are those who just shut their eyes and fall asleep. I can't do that especially when I'm sitting next to someone that I don't know. That's where my tablet and other little bits end up being handy. I download one or two movies to watch half way through the flight. Take a book to help pass the time. A notebook to jot down ideas and random doodles.

Time to take it easy

Morning has gone and night has settled it. The only thing left is to pamper myself. Flying takes a toll on your body whether you notice it or not. I like to drop myself into a relaxing bath, with a mud mask. Releasing all the tension and worries of 'have I got everything?' 'I hope there aren't any delays'. The night before is where I exfoliate my skin, rid myself of any unwanted body hair, and make sure that my face is properly cleaned and cared for.

So that's my preparations done before my flight. Anything you do differently?