Lets Learn a Language!!!

WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! Okay I'm sure loads of us have had the utter look of confusion slam onto our face when we're in a different country and not many people speak a word of English. Then you're in a panic, pulling out your Iphone or foreign dictionary trying to find out how to reply or at least say 'Sorry I don't understand' in whatever language they're speaking in.

Let me introduce you to uTalk. Okay I admit that little logo isn't very impressive but you've just got to look past it and see what this app can provide you with. A whole world of language learning opportunities. 

From Chinese to Hebrew, Japanese to Persian. This app offers you the chance to learn just about any language your heart desires. A strong desire of mine has been Sinhala and thanks to to this app I was given the chance to learn phrases that would be useful on my next trip to Sri Lanka.  

Regardless of the language you choose this app offers various methods of learning. Practice, Easy Game, Speaking Game, Hard Game, Memory Game and Recall. Completing a game earns you points that allow you to travel to different places on a map. Each country you fly to has a site with some historical information.

Most important thing that I look for in any language learning device is accuracy. With so many apps, websites, texts out there it becomes hard to know if the language being taught is right or not. Through my experience I have tried a lot and have come across loads that are misleading. Not being a fluent Sinhala speaker I checked with my grandmother and I am happy to share that every word taught was pronounced correctly and written correctly.

uTalk, having the chance to try this app was a pleasure and enjoyment. It's clean (not busy on the eyes) easy to learn and practice is made fun and easy with this app. Take it wherever you go and spend some time learning a language or two. What language do you want to learn?  


  1. great app! I didn't know about it! thanks for sharing


    Dominika from mycupofbeauty.com

  2. Ive heard of this app before but never tried it xx

    Celia from Brand Of Beauty