Gym?! Why not use fitness dvds?!

You work hard to earn your pay only for the money to go towards bills, transport, food, and other things that require your hard end dosh. For health fanatics it goes towards gym gear, nutrition and for most the gym. I like to think of myself as a health enthusiasts and I've been there where I've joined my local leisure zone or signed up for a gym. The truth is that I've not needed to do so. There are so many different ways to get yourself into shape that don't require you have the latest gadgets or to have joined an expensive gym. When I started my fitness journey I thought to invest in a couple of fitness dvds. They were a money saver and something that I could easily do in the privacy of my home.

A friend of mine told me that she couldn't afford to go the gym. Work was constantly getting in the way for her and she wasn't a gym person either. She told me that she had gone and bought herself a Davina McCall dvd and that it had been kicking her butt. As soon as she told me that I went and got myself a copy. Then another and then another. These dvds provide a fun workout in the comfort of your home. From cardio to toning to individual routines that work your arms, abs, legs and butt. Whether you're a fitness newbie or a fitness expert, her workouts are sure to leave you aching at the end of the session.

Davina wasn't enough for me so on my trip back to America to visit family I picked up Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and it does just what it says on the package. Her workouts are based on three levels. Each getting progressively harder and working you to your limit. I have yet to complete the full 30 day challenge but I can say that after a week I noticed that my arms were toner as were my legs. This dvd is great for anybody regardless of experience. With three different people to follow and modifications to almost all routines, anybody is sure to be able to complete the levels.

Do you know what the one thing is in common with these dvds? It's cardio!!! Cardio is something that I fully enjoy whether it's done by running or dancing in my living room. Tae Bo is a great way to get your cardio in alongside being sure that you tone your muscles. This dvd is based on kickboxing, boxing and a bit of muay thai. It gets your hear pumping and ensure that you're working out to your full extent but be sure that you have a lot of room for your kicks, punches and shuffles. Have a water bottle close at hand and a towel beacuse trust me, you're going to need them. For anyone who is getting into fitness I wouldn't recommend it to start with till you've built your stamina as it's an hour long non stop with repetitive intervals.

Those are the fitness dvds in my collection. Once I've recovered from my ailments I'm sure to be putting one of these on and working out to my hearts content once again.


  1. Oh lovely post Ive just done a healthy start kind of post that contained some amazing u tube channels, as well as dvdd they are my new fave. k x

  2. I have then30 day shred, must dig it out! Who needs the gym!

  3. Very cool! Have a wonderful thursday sweetie!

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  4. I've just cancelled my gym membership as I wasn't using it enough. I will be definitely be turning to my fitness DVDs in the near future. I love Jillian Anderson and have her 30-day shred, fab workout!

  5. Hi there!
    I am popping over from the BEDM link list as I would love to visit everyone to give a bit of support and say hi as a fellow participant! Tis very nice to meet you and this is a great topic. I have never paid to bee a member of a gym but I used to work at one so I could get in for free but I hardly ever used the gym, just the pool so I knew that I wouldn't use a membership if I did use one. The DVDs are a great idea- I have one or two dance ones I should give a go!
    If you wanted to say Hi, that'd be just lovely!