Favorites of May

April didn't have any special moments, favourite buys or anything else. May was a month full of surprises, unforgettable moments and purchases. Go ahead, take a look.

Favourite Anime

It's taken me a while to get back into watching anime but after years and years of putting it aside I have picked it up once again. I've watch series after series and this show has been stuck in my mind so much that I've started watching it again. This show based on an otome (Japanese dating game) is about Ema Hinata whose father remarries. Feeling like she would be bothering them she moves into the Sunrise Complex that is owned by her soon to be step mother and there she discoverers she has 13 stepbrothers. If you're an anime fan or new to it check it out and see if this is your cup of tea.

Favourite Makeup Piece

I've been watching loads of makeup tutorials where the girls would transform themselves into a character. The one item that they have which I don't is a contour pallet. So I browsed around ebay to find one that wasn't expensive and was cruelty free. Low and behold I cam across the Pro 15 Colour pallete. It's a cream based product that can easily be blended in and doesn't leave a nasty streak behind. Non shimmer, natural colour and different shades to choose from that will contour and highlight.

Favourite Game

This game has been all the rave since it's trailer. Witcher 3. Never have I ever played any of the previous Witcher games so I was unsure as to what the story line was. Needless to say that this purchase was a good one. The graphics are amazing, the amount of time that went into creating the scenery and map must have been endless. Since playing this game I have been hooked and find it hard not to pick up the controller and start playing.

Favourite Moment

For the years since after I graduated from High School I have been in conflict as to what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. University was what my parents wanted me to do. I complied, going and studying 3 years of Linguistics and Japanese only to withdraw halfway as I realized that it wasn't what I wanted. It wasn't until my 25th birthday that I finally knew what it was that I wanted. So I took the initiative, applied for a course, attended the interview and the same day got accepted. I was thrilled, still am and can't wait for September to arrive and to start on a new and exciting journey to working in the Animal Care Management field.


  1. I'll have to check this out! I know alot of people going crazy for te Witcher 3 at the moment. I need to catch up and play Bloodborne yet :D

  2. Well done on getting accepted for Animal Care management. A new start for you in September .