A taste of Spain, food adventure.

I'm all about having an adventure from wondering around Central London to traveling somewhere new abroad. From the woods to the streets it's hard to not have an adventure when there is so much to see around the world. It doesn't have to be yourself discovering new things. Maybe you have a friend or family who hasn't experienced something before, that leaves you with a new adventure to create.

My latest adventure was attending the Campo Viejo Streets of Spain at Southbank. Being Spanish myself I was thinking there would be poor imitations of the local foods, music and drinks. Seeing the small stalls my disappointment was met with delight as various smells floated around us. I couldn't contain my excitement when people walked past me with plates of paella, fragrant wines and little tapas. 

Walking from stall to stall our first little taste of Spain was introducing my friend to one of my favourite tapas, Spanish Croquettes de Jamón. These little balls of yumminess are a basic mixture of Jamón, flour, milk and egg. A soft creamy interior with a crunchy outside. They're hard to not love.

It couldn't be helped that I noticed someone else walking by with one of my summer favourites. Padrón peppers, these small little green peppers are a Galician speciality. Fried in olive oil with a small garnish of salt, some are hot while others are not. Unfortunately, they're not available year round but lucky for us he was able to experience a taste of Galicia. 

A short day of a new experience shared with a friend. Of course our food adventure changed from Spanish to Japanese as we stopped at Wagamama's for dinner. Our usual food experience is usually Nando's but I thought he should try something a little different. Japanese food is another favourite cuisine of mine. Two common dishes that we choose were the chicken katsu curry for him and a big bowl of pork ramen for myself. 

Adventure doesn't have to be only about visiting historical sites, beautiful scenery or exotic places. It can be about trying something new from food to picking up a novel that you never thought to give a go before. Adventure is whatever you make of it regardless of if you do it alone or with loved ones. Life only gives you one chance to be adventurous, always make the most of it.

What exciting adventure have you been on?     


  1. Your post made me so hungry. I tried the peppers on my trip to Spain last year and I absolutely loved them.

  2. Sounds amazing- Spain is definitely on our short list of places to go!

  3. Yummy, I haven't been to Spain for a long time, my chances of finding good Spanish food here in Australia are slim but I have seen a few tapas places. I'd love to try the padron peppers.