Favorites of May

April didn't have any special moments, favourite buys or anything else. May was a month full of surprises, unforgettable moments and purchases. Go ahead, take a look.

Favourite Anime

It's taken me a while to get back into watching anime but after years and years of putting it aside I have picked it up once again. I've watch series after series and this show has been stuck in my mind so much that I've started watching it again. This show based on an otome (Japanese dating game) is about Ema Hinata whose father remarries. Feeling like she would be bothering them she moves into the Sunrise Complex that is owned by her soon to be step mother and there she discoverers she has 13 stepbrothers. If you're an anime fan or new to it check it out and see if this is your cup of tea.

Favourite Makeup Piece

I've been watching loads of makeup tutorials where the girls would transform themselves into a character. The one item that they have which I don't is a contour pallet. So I browsed around ebay to find one that wasn't expensive and was cruelty free. Low and behold I cam across the Pro 15 Colour pallete. It's a cream based product that can easily be blended in and doesn't leave a nasty streak behind. Non shimmer, natural colour and different shades to choose from that will contour and highlight.

Favourite Game

This game has been all the rave since it's trailer. Witcher 3. Never have I ever played any of the previous Witcher games so I was unsure as to what the story line was. Needless to say that this purchase was a good one. The graphics are amazing, the amount of time that went into creating the scenery and map must have been endless. Since playing this game I have been hooked and find it hard not to pick up the controller and start playing.

Favourite Moment

For the years since after I graduated from High School I have been in conflict as to what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. University was what my parents wanted me to do. I complied, going and studying 3 years of Linguistics and Japanese only to withdraw halfway as I realized that it wasn't what I wanted. It wasn't until my 25th birthday that I finally knew what it was that I wanted. So I took the initiative, applied for a course, attended the interview and the same day got accepted. I was thrilled, still am and can't wait for September to arrive and to start on a new and exciting journey to working in the Animal Care Management field.

Lets Learn a Language!!!

WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! Okay I'm sure loads of us have had the utter look of confusion slam onto our face when we're in a different country and not many people speak a word of English. Then you're in a panic, pulling out your Iphone or foreign dictionary trying to find out how to reply or at least say 'Sorry I don't understand' in whatever language they're speaking in.

Let me introduce you to uTalk. Okay I admit that little logo isn't very impressive but you've just got to look past it and see what this app can provide you with. A whole world of language learning opportunities. 

From Chinese to Hebrew, Japanese to Persian. This app offers you the chance to learn just about any language your heart desires. A strong desire of mine has been Sinhala and thanks to to this app I was given the chance to learn phrases that would be useful on my next trip to Sri Lanka.  

Regardless of the language you choose this app offers various methods of learning. Practice, Easy Game, Speaking Game, Hard Game, Memory Game and Recall. Completing a game earns you points that allow you to travel to different places on a map. Each country you fly to has a site with some historical information.

Most important thing that I look for in any language learning device is accuracy. With so many apps, websites, texts out there it becomes hard to know if the language being taught is right or not. Through my experience I have tried a lot and have come across loads that are misleading. Not being a fluent Sinhala speaker I checked with my grandmother and I am happy to share that every word taught was pronounced correctly and written correctly.

uTalk, having the chance to try this app was a pleasure and enjoyment. It's clean (not busy on the eyes) easy to learn and practice is made fun and easy with this app. Take it wherever you go and spend some time learning a language or two. What language do you want to learn?  

Gym?! Why not use fitness dvds?!

You work hard to earn your pay only for the money to go towards bills, transport, food, and other things that require your hard end dosh. For health fanatics it goes towards gym gear, nutrition and for most the gym. I like to think of myself as a health enthusiasts and I've been there where I've joined my local leisure zone or signed up for a gym. The truth is that I've not needed to do so. There are so many different ways to get yourself into shape that don't require you have the latest gadgets or to have joined an expensive gym. When I started my fitness journey I thought to invest in a couple of fitness dvds. They were a money saver and something that I could easily do in the privacy of my home.

A friend of mine told me that she couldn't afford to go the gym. Work was constantly getting in the way for her and she wasn't a gym person either. She told me that she had gone and bought herself a Davina McCall dvd and that it had been kicking her butt. As soon as she told me that I went and got myself a copy. Then another and then another. These dvds provide a fun workout in the comfort of your home. From cardio to toning to individual routines that work your arms, abs, legs and butt. Whether you're a fitness newbie or a fitness expert, her workouts are sure to leave you aching at the end of the session.

Davina wasn't enough for me so on my trip back to America to visit family I picked up Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and it does just what it says on the package. Her workouts are based on three levels. Each getting progressively harder and working you to your limit. I have yet to complete the full 30 day challenge but I can say that after a week I noticed that my arms were toner as were my legs. This dvd is great for anybody regardless of experience. With three different people to follow and modifications to almost all routines, anybody is sure to be able to complete the levels.

Do you know what the one thing is in common with these dvds? It's cardio!!! Cardio is something that I fully enjoy whether it's done by running or dancing in my living room. Tae Bo is a great way to get your cardio in alongside being sure that you tone your muscles. This dvd is based on kickboxing, boxing and a bit of muay thai. It gets your hear pumping and ensure that you're working out to your full extent but be sure that you have a lot of room for your kicks, punches and shuffles. Have a water bottle close at hand and a towel beacuse trust me, you're going to need them. For anyone who is getting into fitness I wouldn't recommend it to start with till you've built your stamina as it's an hour long non stop with repetitive intervals.

Those are the fitness dvds in my collection. Once I've recovered from my ailments I'm sure to be putting one of these on and working out to my hearts content once again.

A clean face is a happy face

GUILTY!!! Yes I am very guilty on looking after my outside. These days my focus has been on nutrition and not on the skin. My face is probably the one part of the body that I don't look after at all. That's not good as your skin is just as important as making sure that your body is fed properly. 

After reading about skincare in Love Tanya, I decided to do some research on what products would be the best for me. I've got an oily/normal skin type so with that in mind I stopped in Superdrugs and looked at their range of products. I came across the tea tree skin care range but...I wasn't kin on just grabbing whatever there was and then going home to find out that was the wrong one for me. 

Of to The Body Shop I went. I spoke to one of the shop advisors and told them what I was looking for as well as mentioning that I was very new to skincare. They advised that I start with the small Vitamin E kit that came with cleanser, toner, night cream and day cream. Along with this they advised I use a face mask, exfoliating scrub and facial wash. Home I went with my new little skincare kit and a mud face mask bought from ASDA for very cheap. 

It took me quite some time before I decided to buy a exfoliating scrub and facial wash. I had my eye on the tea tree brand as a cheaper option. Fortunately for me there was a sale going on at Superdrug which meant I saved quite a bit of money.

Now with all of these put together I'm hoping to see a better improvement in my skin than when I only relied only on the Vitamin E kit and mud mask. My regime would include exfoliating my face 2-3 times a week, a mud mask once a week, facial wash daily and the Vitamin E kit daily. I can't wait to see the difference this will make on my face.

A taste of Spain, food adventure.

I'm all about having an adventure from wondering around Central London to traveling somewhere new abroad. From the woods to the streets it's hard to not have an adventure when there is so much to see around the world. It doesn't have to be yourself discovering new things. Maybe you have a friend or family who hasn't experienced something before, that leaves you with a new adventure to create.

My latest adventure was attending the Campo Viejo Streets of Spain at Southbank. Being Spanish myself I was thinking there would be poor imitations of the local foods, music and drinks. Seeing the small stalls my disappointment was met with delight as various smells floated around us. I couldn't contain my excitement when people walked past me with plates of paella, fragrant wines and little tapas. 

Walking from stall to stall our first little taste of Spain was introducing my friend to one of my favourite tapas, Spanish Croquettes de Jamón. These little balls of yumminess are a basic mixture of Jamón, flour, milk and egg. A soft creamy interior with a crunchy outside. They're hard to not love.

It couldn't be helped that I noticed someone else walking by with one of my summer favourites. Padrón peppers, these small little green peppers are a Galician speciality. Fried in olive oil with a small garnish of salt, some are hot while others are not. Unfortunately, they're not available year round but lucky for us he was able to experience a taste of Galicia. 

A short day of a new experience shared with a friend. Of course our food adventure changed from Spanish to Japanese as we stopped at Wagamama's for dinner. Our usual food experience is usually Nando's but I thought he should try something a little different. Japanese food is another favourite cuisine of mine. Two common dishes that we choose were the chicken katsu curry for him and a big bowl of pork ramen for myself. 

Adventure doesn't have to be only about visiting historical sites, beautiful scenery or exotic places. It can be about trying something new from food to picking up a novel that you never thought to give a go before. Adventure is whatever you make of it regardless of if you do it alone or with loved ones. Life only gives you one chance to be adventurous, always make the most of it.

What exciting adventure have you been on?