Dear Phoenix, I Love You

I'm slowly getting back to my blogging. I'm just a bit lost at the moment. Not for inspiration, or motivation. Just lost. Recently I lost a very close family member to cancer. It's left me in a position where I've lost track of days, hours, events. The only thing that's keeping me sane is writing letters. I've started a new blog for my letters to her.

If anyone who is reading this has lost someone dear to them be recent or years ago. I would appreciate reads, comments. Not just the 'hope you get better soon' but 'you're doing great' or 'she must be proud of what you did today.' Words to keep me going, to let me know that I'm not alone. 

Please have a look at my newest blog Dear Phoenix I Love You

Always Be A Friend

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  1. Your new blog is such a lovely idea as a memorial, You put in your post how long does it take to feel normal again and from two personal experiences Ive had it takes about a year, although you never forget them and have patches where you still shed a tear many years later. k x