Celebrate with the fishes

Another year, another year older and a year to change from my usual birthday dinner to spending a day at the London Aquarium. Celebrating with family and friends is great but to make it just a bit more fun and with the weather not being so great a day inside with various ocean animals sounds pretty good to me.

With good thinking we bought our tickets online with a time slot early in the morning to get their before the children and tourists showed up. Planning it out we spent a good five hours enjoying the talks and feedings along with lots of great photography sessions. I learnt a lot that day about animals that I knew nothing to none about.

I'm a penguin fanatic which meant that we spent a good hour or so watching the Gentoo Penguins building their nests and diving into the water, speeding through the water and shooting out onto the land. Sadly that was the one feeding and talk that we didn't get the chance to see as the viewing enclosure was too small and crowded. Altogether though I enjoyed our time spent their and maybe in the future I will go again to see what's new and if anything has changed.  


  1. This place sounds like a great place to spend a birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely day. Oh and I'm a totally penguin lover too <3
    Love Lucinda xx

  2. This looks so lovely! I've only ever been to an aquarium once whenI was a kid and really enjoyed it.