Gratitude Tuesday is up and running

You wake up in the morning, you go through your daily routine, then the day ends in the blink of an eye. It's a repetitive cycle that some people take for granted. Going through the same thing everyday. Whether it's getting your kids ready for school, food shopping day, cleaning the house day, it seems that the littlest action is taken for granted at times. That's why I decided to create this linky to share with you all.

I have to raise my hand that I'm someone who moans and complains about situations. Who gets up in the morning and then goes through the repetitive actions without a care in the world. Hardly do I stop and think to myself 'I'm so grateful that I was there to experience that event' or 'I'm lucky to be surrounded by these people.'

The rules if you choose to join are simple.

1) Link to a blog or photo of an event that you attended, experience you had, anything that makes you look back and say to yourself that you're glad that you did that or you're glade that you were able to experience it.

2) Please be sure to post the bade at the bottom so that others can return to this post and join if they so choose.

So with that, I present to you Gratitude Tuesday. I look forward to reading your posts.

Let the World Float By

My Journey to Weight Loss

It's in magazines, on ads, TV almost everybody looks great with an a body that seems ideal to your eyes. It leave a longing of wanting to fit in with that crowd. I know that I am one of those people. Someone who has constantly fought with my weight and lost as many times as I have won I've decided to embark on another journey to get to the weight that would let me smile without any worry.

The start of March I joined my local Virgin Active gym. Being persistent with only one rest day in the week I joined several different classes and did my own routines. Before the end of the month I was notified that the gym would be shutting down and when it occurred I re weighed myself and took my measurements. My weight hadn't changed but my measurements were down by inches. I had to be doing something wrong. It couldn't have been with gym as I was an active member and made sure to exercise for at least an hour. That left me with the option that were I was going wrong was with my nutrition.

I admit it! I'm a lover of greasy, fast food and all that is unhealthy. It's easy to cook and easy to get when you get back home from a late night shift. That's something that I want to change. Not to go straight for those easy choices. To change my food perspective. By default I want to go for the healthier options. If there's a plate of hamburgers I want to be able to say 'not today' and go for the plate filled with healthy options. Of course that doesn't mean that I want to abandon unhealthy foods, it's nice to treat yourself once in a while.

So day one, I got my weight and and goal set. Come pay day I have a gym in mind that I would like to join with classes that interest me. With my new diet, I hope to achieve something that I thought was impossible to do.

Dear Phoenix, I Love You

I'm slowly getting back to my blogging. I'm just a bit lost at the moment. Not for inspiration, or motivation. Just lost. Recently I lost a very close family member to cancer. It's left me in a position where I've lost track of days, hours, events. The only thing that's keeping me sane is writing letters. I've started a new blog for my letters to her.

If anyone who is reading this has lost someone dear to them be recent or years ago. I would appreciate reads, comments. Not just the 'hope you get better soon' but 'you're doing great' or 'she must be proud of what you did today.' Words to keep me going, to let me know that I'm not alone. 

Please have a look at my newest blog Dear Phoenix I Love You

Always Be A Friend

The beauty of the sunset, such a magic moment

Magic is always in the air and magic moments are happening here and there. I've got ones that happened in the past and ones that only recently happened. While my list is long and crazy there is a recent one that I'll never forget happened. My trip to Sri Lanka left me breathless at every turn. With history, great food and amazing sights. The one thing that I'll never forget is the sunsets that I saw every night. While mosquitoes might have had a feast on my blood, I couldn't turn away from the beauty of the sun setting and reflecting against the ocean waves. 

Celebrate with the fishes

Another year, another year older and a year to change from my usual birthday dinner to spending a day at the London Aquarium. Celebrating with family and friends is great but to make it just a bit more fun and with the weather not being so great a day inside with various ocean animals sounds pretty good to me.

With good thinking we bought our tickets online with a time slot early in the morning to get their before the children and tourists showed up. Planning it out we spent a good five hours enjoying the talks and feedings along with lots of great photography sessions. I learnt a lot that day about animals that I knew nothing to none about.

I'm a penguin fanatic which meant that we spent a good hour or so watching the Gentoo Penguins building their nests and diving into the water, speeding through the water and shooting out onto the land. Sadly that was the one feeding and talk that we didn't get the chance to see as the viewing enclosure was too small and crowded. Altogether though I enjoyed our time spent their and maybe in the future I will go again to see what's new and if anything has changed.