Return to Sri Lanka

After a long 20 years, my feet once again touched the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. My memories of the country are few and with the week and some days that I was going to be spending there I looked forward to creating new, fresh memories. It took two days to get to Colombo. The first two days were spent in the city to give us time to relax and get recharged for the journey ahead. I experienced the craziness of driving where people didn’t use their indicators and used their horns to cut in front of others without a care in the world that they were headed for a collision.

A day away from the hustle and bustle of the city it was time to head to the beach front. Three hour drive took us to Bentota Beach. One of my favorite ocean sides as it was clean, white sand and blue waves. This day to relax was one that I hadn’t had in a long time. Couple of hours spent playing in the ocean waves and then move onto the pool as it got darker. As the sun set I took a walk along the beach and watched the sun set. Giving me the opportunity to test my photography skills and appreciate the beauty. By the end of this I was ready for the real journey to begin. 


  1. wow! looks stunning! somewhere I'd love to visit!! :)

  2. Looks gorgeous! That beach has given me such a case of wanderlust!