March favourites from moments to fashion

It's common to go through the month and then realize that within that month you have come across products, moments, memories and all the sorts that made it onto your favourites list. That list can change from month to month, mine forever are so here are March favourites.

Favourite Soundtrack/Movie

These two go hand in hand because after watching the movie I had to buy the soundtrack. The Book of Life produced by Guillermo del Toro. This is a movie close to my heart as I have recently gone through a really difficult time. The movie brought thoughts and realizations to mind along with a sense of calm and understanding of what I was going through wasn't going to change things. A movie based on love and remembering. I got the chance to watch this movie on a flight to America and after that I was hooked. The characters stuck in my mind and I was constantly singing the songs wherever I went. That meant that I had to buy the soundtrack to listen alone at home or when I was out travelling.

Favourite Photo 

Favourite Moment

For months and months I had been planing my newest tattoo. It was to be something special that would always remind me the events that had come to past. I did my research, saved my money and when I was sure of it I went to a well rated tattoo parlour and told them of my idea. Within a week they had it sketched out and the day that I went to get it done I was in tears about how amazing, beautiful and mesmerizing it had come out to be. I cherish this piece of art that I will happily carry around with me for years to come.

Favourite Clothing

While on holiday I invested in two harem pants. Now I was always spectacle of them but in the hot climate I could understand why so many women were wearing them. I wear these just about everyday. A soft material that just glides over your skin softly, they might not be the appropriate piece to wear during the cold UK weather but come summer these will be a pair that I'll be more than happy to put on.

Favourite Game

I don't play video games as often as I do but on the occasion I come across something that catches my attention. For the month of March it has been Rayman Legends for the Xbox One. When boyfriend is out working I sign myself on and spend the rest of the day seated there trying to complete level after level. There are various characters for you to choose from and over 120 levels to play.  Of course, now with it being the end of the month I've still not completed it and that makes another game to add to the pile.

March has come to an end and I'm looking forward to seeing what my favourites for April are going to be. Clothes? Makeuep? Food? What could they be?!


  1. The trousers are wonderful, I love elephants so the prints really appeal to me. Never seen the film, but love your photograph too.

    Happy Easter!


  2. we love the book of life! my bf loves rayman too always playing it!!