Manba, a Japanese fashion interest

Gyaru the Japanese word for Gal. Originated in the 1970s which grew to become popular in the 1990s and now has sadly started to diminish. Lots of girls and boys not only in Japan still follow the Gyaru trend though a lot tend to drift to the latest trends rather than the ones that have died out. Allow me to introduce you to one of the late trends...

I can't remember the amount of times that I've looked back at some of my photos and looked at the all the fashion phases that I have gone through. None of them seemed to have stuck for long. Except for the one that I stumbled upon when I moved to London about 6 years ago.

When I moved to London it was everything to do with Japanese fashion. I had an interest in Harujuku fashion along with lolita and both I tried but neither seemed to suit me as much as I wanted them to. Going to a Japanese concert I was given the chance to meet others who were interested in Japanese fashion. It was then that I was introduced to a fashion called Gyaru and encountered the old trend of Manba.

This style wasn't for everyone but it fit my personality so well I can't let it go to this day. While I don't wear it as often as I would like as it's not practical, when I'm out with friends I'm more than willing to go out with the makeup and hair.

Bases to the Manba style:

  • white makeup
  • bright eyeshadow
  • preferred clothing brand: Alba Rosa
  • bright hair
  • dark tan


  1. What an amazing look, a little hiippiesh almost. I love the vibrant colours .

  2. this is something new for sure, ive never heard of it , not something that fits my personality but fun none the less x

  3. This is awesome :)
    Its a different sort of Kawaii to what I am used to, but still really awesome.
    Very quirky and unique!
    Hope to hear more from your blog again soon.
    Scarlett Juzzle
    Kawaii Blogger At Pastel Dreams And Rainbow Skies