Dolphins, majestic beauties of the blue

As a child my parents took me to Sea World to see all the sea life they had and watch the whales and dolphins preform amazing tricks. Then as I got older I a documentary opened my eyes to how cruel and truth behind these captured animals. Since that point of time I wanted to know what it feels like to see them out where they belong. To see how much freedom they have, what they really are not locked up in a tank but doing what they do.

An early morning start and the driver took us to the harbor to get onto our boat. Within three hours we had our first sighting. A pod of dolphins leaping out of the blue water towards our boat. Being fortunate to be on a non crowded boat I was up at the front snapping away. I stopped taking photos to cherish the sight of this beautiful mammals. The way they leaped and jumped, The gracefulness of their dives into the unknown.

Being on a tourist boat the crew didn't have the right equipment to track where the next sighting would be. For four hours we were on the search for a whale and when we had the chance my breath was taken from me. I watched as a blue whale spouted, a shadow of a hump in the distance before a flash of it's tail and it vanished for good.

I know that in the future I would like to do this again. It's an experience that you can never get enough of even if the thought of being on a boat for never ending hours seems depressing it's the sight of seeing these mammals doing what they do that chases the despair away.


  1. Oh my gosh this looks so fantastic! Would love to do this.

  2. wow looks amazing can not beat seeing dolphins they really are beautiful creatures!

  3. Wow! That's incredible! You're very lucky!