Beautiful views from a tea plantation

Green, green, green that's what I was surrounded by for two days of rest at a family tea plantation. Bandarawela is a big town located in the mountainous region. It's hills covered with trees, rivers, animals and beautiful waterfalls.  My last visit to a tea plantation was over 20 years ago and my memories of then and what I had seen now are still similar.

The one part of travelling to this estate that I couldn't stand was the windy and uncomfortable roads that twisted through the mountains. While the view was spectacular the drive wasn't. For any future visit I wish that the conditions of the roads would be better. The time that we went to visit there had been a horrible rain storm that washed the mountains and sent foliage onto the roads.

This estate that we stayed at was at the top of a mountain away from the noise and bustle. For the two days we stayed there, waking up and walking through the door to see the mountainous view was unimaginable. Fresh air that filtered through your lungs, a scene that would always take your breath away. My mornings were spent waking up early, having a good breakfast and a walk through the plantation. It went for miles and miles, climbing up further and around the mountain. We did get lost for a bit almost crossing onto another estate but somehow managed to return to the estate in time to watch the women pick tea. Two days on this estate left me calm and relaxed even with not much to do except sit back, drink fresh tea and read a good book.


  1. Wow! That looks amazing! I definitely need a trip like that! I'm so stressed at the moment! x

  2. Stunning views and great photos, I'd love to visit a tea estate one day.