Going on an adventure...what to take?

It's getting to that time of the year again where people are going across the world to have their own little adventure. I myself have already started this year with travel adventures and with my newest one coming up I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you all what the essentials are that I have to take along with me.

1) It is of the upmost importance that my new favourite toy comes along with me to document the journeys that I am about to take. I want the photos that I take to come out crisp and beautiful to make the viewer feel as if they're there along with me. The weapon of choice, a Nikon D3300 that came with the standard lens 18-55mm.

2) This little laptop is the perfect size and gets the task done. The moment when your camera tells you that it's full I can pull out the mini laptop, upload them all and I'm ready for a fresh round of photo taking.

3) I enjoy my music greatly but along with that I also enjoy keeping on top with my fitness. My Ipod touch has the fitness apps that I use to be sure that I've gotten my daily workout wherever I go. Along with games to keep me entertained when driving long distances.

4) With all the fresh air clearing my mind I'm bound to get an inspiration or an idea which is why I carry a notebook with me. After reading a book, playing a game or watching a movie I'll suddenly feel the gears in my mind turning. I've got to be quick to write it down or else it'll be lost forever. The amount of times that I've thought of something great only to realise that I don't have anywhere to put them down are too many.

5) Surrounded by beautiful weather, the sound of waves lapping against one another. One thing to make it perfect would be a good read. Books go with me wherever I go not only on travel. It's something to help me quiet my mind after an exciting adventure. Words to sooth yourself and take you onto another adventure waiting to happen. There isn't a moment where you won't find me without a book in my hand.

Those are my top essentials, though there are other items I would bring along these are the ones that I couldn't survive without. When you go out on a travel adventure what do you have to have with you?

North Carolina, peaceful week away

I'm fortunate to have family living in different countries. My dad moved to Charlotte, North Carolina about two years ago and so getting the chance to visit him again was one I accepted with open arms. With a better camera in hand and a week worth of clothes and other essentials I flew back to America. A week didn't give me a lot of time to go on many adventures but the area that my dad lived in gave me the chance to further improve my photography skills. Practice, practice and practice. Charlotte is a beautiful place with lots of beautiful scenery to photograph and I hope that the next time that I visit I'll be able to see even more of it.