Beautiful non white Christmas

While Christmas wasn't white and like a winter wonderland it was a beautiful day filled with tears of joy, family and friends. Waking up to gifts galore and a glorious Christmas dinner in the afternoon. I'm blessed to know the people I know and grateful to have them in my life.

Chinese dinning

It starts with a dinner, boyfriends grandmothers birthday dinner to be exact. This year we enjoyed it at a beautiful and small Chinese restaurant. Filled with delicious foods such as wonton soup, mussels in black bean sauce and drinks all around. This is where the countdown to Christmas day begins with a week of celebrations.

It's beginning to look like Christmas

It's beginning to look like Christmas at our place. With presents under the tree and christmas cards dancing along the top. Though our tree still looks rather naked I do plan to add a couple more pieces to it. The house needs a bit of sprucing up as well. Some more joy to bring smiles to the faces of those who walk into the room. My second year of celebrating Christmas with my boyfriend and his family and I look forward to the day. 

Beautiful and fun accessories

Always on the lookout for accessories especially for the hair as I believe you can never have too many. I was lucky enough to do a gift exchange with the shop owner of Cosmic Oddities and they included some of their store items. Don't wear the usual hair accessories as I enjoy ones that  give your outfit a bit of a pop and that's what makes this store so great.

Beauty of Christmas

Just had a wonder around town. They've got all their Christmas lights and decorations up and a lot of them are so beautiful to see. I love how December is a joyous time of the year. However it is stressful and don't think enough people allow themselves to enjoy the beauty of it all. Another year I haven't bought my advent calendar on time but finally did it today and shared the chocolate amongst my boyfriends family which we all enjoyed. 

Wrapping paper, Christmas excitement

December is here!!! The first day is always the quickest to go and now the first week of Christmas is almost over. A sad notion yet exciting in the fact that Christmas day is almost here. Getting ever more close by each and every hour.

Now I can't be the only one who is lacking behind on gifts? Or am I? Well either way still got a couple of more to get and then the fun of wrapping shall commence. This year I've gone for a Disney theme. It shows my Disney love and thought it was a good representation of how Christmas should be, colourful and fun.